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We are born global. Our technologies are present in more than 125 countries, and we have an international network of distributors.

We have the privilege of building relationships based on trust and success, bringing innovation that help our clients create value and improve performance. Our clients are our partners and our priority.

Our partners

Our focus on the unique needs of each client, and the reliability of the technologies we develop are some of the reasons why organizations that are leaders in their segments rely on us.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Juan Pedro Damiani, former President of Peñarol

"A breakthrough in terms of security."

Mr. Walter Dal Zotto Jr, President Of Esporte Clube Juventude

“Esporte Clube Juventude has always had, among its priorities, special attention to its fans. It is through this philosophy that we are seeking to optimize service, access, ticket sales and all the details related to customer service. We are taking a big step towards excellence with the implementation of a new methodology for customer service. We want the member to have more convenience, comfort and security to check its benefits, access the stadium with more peace and enjoy the range of advantages that the club offers. There are numerous references to quality and safety offered by Imply®. We researched a lot about it, tried to know personally the whole process of the company and came to understand why the brand is a reference in the market. It is based on the numerous benefits offered by Imply® that we have created the belief that we are evolving considerably in the area of ​​fan service. I highlight the concern of the company to offer a product that fits the reality and needs of our club. At all times, since the first talks, there was a lot of interest from Imply® to understand the scenario where the our club is inserted, the culture, the profile of our members and countless other details, which showed that every detail is well planned. That made us extremely pleased.”

Ms.Vanessa Marochi Duran, Sanepar Commercial Coordinator

"The project is very relevant for Sanepar, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Services are provided intuitively, with innovation and technology. Imply® Group offered the best financial and technological combination to meet our demand. We highlight their ability to seek agile solutions for unplanned demands."

Mr. Sandro Fernandes, CEO at Sugarloaf Cable Car

"The project developed by Imply® is very important for the Sugarloaf Cable Car. It is strategic for us, because it allows us to leverage to another dimension in the access services offered to our public. All Imply® expertise offers a new digital strategic dimension, which adds to the moment we are now: interested in positioning ourselves as an integrated platform of experiences, tourism, entertainment and media. So knowing how to communicate digitally is very important and Imply® is the partner we have selected in the world."

MR. Paulo Pinheiro, Chief Executive Officer of Holding Beira-Rio S/A

"The Ticketing System integrated with Access Control brings reliability to the control as a whole. We have several online reports for the development of indicators, with ease of use and accessed also by smartphone. The system is integrated with our ERP, and the entire solution is integrated - member management, ticketing and access control - on the same platform. Ticketing is integrated between Brio and Sport Club Internacional, allowing more convenience to the fans and ease in closing the total of accesses in the Stadium.I also highlight the technical support on game days.”

Mr. Leonardo Ceragioli, Commercial Director of Prodata

"Imply® from the beginning of our partnership, demonstrated commitment, technical capacity and flexibility to serve our public transportation customer. Another important factor that contributed to the success of this endeavor was the high availability rate of the equipment, which guarantees the offer of these services to the users of the Sao Paulo Metro. Its agility in adapting to situations of high demand stands out. The solution includes peak hour operations with fast, safe and reliable operation."

Mr. Cesar Perrenoud – IT and Innovation Manager in the Ouro & Prata Group

"Due to its mobility, the Self-Service Terminal allows its installation in places easily accessible with large crowds of public such as universities, municipal agencies, etc. It also streamlines the service to users, eliminating the need to join queues to purchase a ticket or exchange the voucher. The IMPLY® Terminal meets the technical requirements of quality and functionality required and was developed specially for ticket sales. In addition to after-sales service, the dedication and professionalism of the IMPLY® Team at all times in the process were fundamental to the success of the project."

Mr. Alexandre Melo, IT Coordinator at Arena das Dunas

"The advantages of IMPLY® Technology are numerous, but include: the ability to reduce costs, flexibility to adopt software and hardware modules, agility in both onsite and remote support with highly trained technicians, access to widely tested technology at various stadiums and the commitment with the clients. We chose IMPLY® for their recognized expertise in most Stadiums of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, enabling complex operations in a safe way."

Mr. Kristian Felipe da Rosa, Federal Police, Manager at NUMIG / SCS / RS

The implementation of MAESTRO WEB brought numerous features to the Federal Police of Santa Cruz do Sul, mainly the automation of preliminary services, which previously was made by distributing tokens. We opted for IMPLY®, because the project's uniqueness demanded the choice of a recognized company in the market."

Mr. Adriano Goberth, Amazon Bowling, Brazil

"With IMPLY® Bowling, the game fits to the profile of each player, offering complete fun, regardless of age or ability. A bold design and a practical software complement the qualities! We have all the company's support, clear deadlines, as well as a personalized and professional service."

Mr. Paulo Roberto Mallmann, IT Manager at Univates

"The IMPLY® Access Control solution was chosen for Univates due to its differentials such as the ease of integration with our internal systems and a single web interface for managing the devices. We have used the Access Control solution in the Library, the Theatre, the Athletic Track, the Clinical Center and at some Teachers Rooms. In these environments, we control the access by profiles, where the IMPLY® solution reads our institutional card. Each student, teacher or staff has this card, fully integrated into our internal systems. We highlight the versatility of the Access Control solution, the technical quality, professionalism and commitment of IMPLY® team."

Mr. Rogério Cezimbra, IT Manager of Triunfo Concebra

"It's in the DNA of Triunfo, and the Triunfo companies, the issue of innovation, technology and quality, very aligned with the DNA of Imply®, where we also identified the issue of technology and innovation with quality. I think it's all in the DNA of the company, and we are very pleased with the results we are having.”

Mr. Ricardo Junqueira Victorelli, Chief Operating Officer of Triunfo Concebra

“Imply® surprised us very positively not only by its production capacity, as the industrial structure and organization of the company, customers that it has acquired in the world, know-how that the company has. And we were very happy with the results, the product quality is amazing. And the very partnership to do something different with a highly advanced technology, is what Imply® provided us.”

Mr. Eric Ribeiro, IT Manager of the Museum of Tomorrow

"The opportunity we had to work with IMPLY® was very positive. Their staff is very polite, dedicated and is always available to collaborate in a secure, stable and easy solution. Today our ticketing system, besides being customized according with our needs, is very consistent and agile, which helped us a lot in serving the public, reducing the waiting time in queues and increasing the satisfation of visitors at the Museum of Tomorrow. Thanks to this successful experience and the excellent framework of its proposal to the market, we implement together the online tickets sales system."

Mr. Alexandre Gonzaga, President of Arena Itaipava Pernambuco

"Regarding the Imply® differentials, I detach the professionalism, transparency, information safety, versatility of the solution, and the Imply commitment and spirit to serve."

Mr. Eddy Fransson, Nordic Amusement Group AB, Imply® Distributor in Nordic Countries

"The people who work at IMPLY® are really great, always ready to help and improve." What definitely stands out is the potential and willingness of IMPLY® to continue to improve. always listen, even when I am demanding. For me, as a Distributor, this is extremely important. "

Ms. Elena Polenovich, Denikom, Imply® Distributor in Russia

“We are very happy to do business with Imply®, we deeply appreciate its ability of being open to new projects, proposals and partnerships. The high quality of all Imply products is due to its qualified professional staff and state of art technology equipments fitted to its modern industrial park.”

Mr. Wim Dorteen, Starplay BV, Imply® Distributor in Holland

"We are doing business with Imply® since 2004, and we have a very good experience. Imply® does everything to make good business with the customers.”

Mr. Mauricio Ferreira, Bilhares Carrinho, Imply® Distributor in Portugal

"With a young and competent team, supported by the expertise and commitment of its CEO and management team, are united the conditions for the development of quality products."

Mr. Leonardo Vergara Boccia, VYA Group, Imply® Distributor in Spain

"The excellent human and professional group of Imply® should be an example for many companies in the world."

Mr. Gildas Guillard, Neoloisirs, Imply® Distributor in France

"Serious and dynamic company, we are pleased to be the distributor France!"

Mr. Jean-Pierre Guillard, Neoloisirs, Imply® Distributor in France

"We are completely satisfied with Imply® products. Imply® knows how to listen and helps its partners increasing day by day the quality of products and the relationship between our companies. We are happy to continue working with Imply® in our future projects.”

Mr. Jair Holler, IT Manager of the Grêmio Arena

"The main factor to highlight about Imply® is always being ready for any challenge. We have been working with Imply® since 2012 at the Fonte Nova Arena, the Dunas Arena and the Grêmio Arena. For all the demands and changes that arise, we always have Imply® as a partner, regardless of the scenario." Mr. Paulo Rossi, Director of Operations of the Grêmio Arena "Imply® is a partner we can always count on. Imply® is a large company that always meets our technical requirements and works with us in a transparent way."

Mr. Paulo Rossi, Director of Operations of the Grêmio Arena

"The main factor to be highlighted at Imply® is always ready for any challenge.We have been working with Imply® since 2012 at the Arena Fonte Nova, Dunas Arena and Grêmio Arena.For all the demand and change that comes up, we always have Imply® ® as a partner, regardless of the scenario. "

Mr. Mauro Araújo, President of the Grêmio Arena” está bloqueado Mr. Mauro Araújo, President of the Grêmio Arena

"I emphasize the availability, the willingness to work together and create solutions. This is important and offers us more comfort. Imply® is a very open partner to understand the difficulties of everyday life, and gives us the support we need, bringing innovation, new experiences and creating new solutions. I am very pleased, and I hope to continue working together in the future."

Mr. Joachim De Munck, Legenturia Fun & Entertainment Center, Belgium

"For Bowling we have selected IMPLY® from Brazil. We are very happy with IMPLY®. They sold us what is called a Cafe Bowling. It's a fantastic system. And on top of that we also bought the IMPLY® Games. They were even able to customize them for us, so they printed our Legenturia style medieval prints on them. So I'm very happy with IMPLY® and I can strongly recommend their products."