Urban Air Adventure Park with incredible Imply® Bowling in Florida

The Urban Air Adventure Park network currently has more than 160 FEC’s in North America and Europe. The new facility located in Melbourne, Florida – USA, offers 6 Imply® Green Bowling® lanes to further raise the level of fun for adults and children!
Urban Air Parks have a great diversity of games, as well as being the perfect space for children’s birthday parties, events, corporate meetings, or just a lovely family day out. The venue has an incredible show of lights and colors that impresses children and adults. Venkat Puskur, owner of the park, says the complex is packed with attractions for all ages! The center located in Melbourne also has a complete café and a parlor for parents.

Do you know the Imply® Green Bowling® Lanes?
Green Bowling® lanes have a “wow” effect with their show of lights and lighting system with colored LEDs. The game interface is interactive and has several options to place your favorite avatar. Also alloy players to connect their smartphones to the game. With this function you can access the options menu, view the score of the game, order from the menu and share your score with friends on social networks.

Read more: https://www.imply.com/engb/entertainment/green-bowling-official/