Urban Air Adventure Park in Texas innovates with Green Bowling®

Named the Best Gym in America for Kids by Shape Magazine, Urban Air Adventure Park is a complete place filled with games and fun. With centers in different countries, the venture has invested in the Imply® bowling alleys to offer even more attractions for the whole family.

This time, the center that inaugurated the innovative Green Bowling® lanes was the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in South Austin, Texas, United States. Six Green Bowling Imply® lanes have been installed since September 2018.

One of the many differentials of these lanes is the Pneumatic Bumpers System that allows children and new players to have a chance to make the ball avoid the gutters, making it much easier to play! Bumpers can be activated individually by the player, or by the central.

For more information about the product, go to: https://www.imply.com/engb/entertainment/green-bowling-official-lane-equipment/.