Ticket sales for Natal Luz 2019/2020 generated USD 6 million in revenue

Ticket sales for shows at the 34th edition of Natal Luz obtained USD 6.1 million in revenue. The information was released this month by Gramadotur at a press conference. The Imply® Group contributed to these results, optimizing the sale of tickets in several integrated channels, through the complete ticketing platform ElevenTickets.

Illumination was the show that sold the most tickets, with 98 thousand. The second largest number of sales was the Parade with almost 82 thousand tickets sold.

In addition to ticket sales, the Imply® Group also provided the ElevenAccess platform for controlling access for people and vehicles. Natal Luz was also supported by the specialized ElevenStaff with our on-site technical team.

According to the board, the event obtained a profit of approximately USD 1.7 million. The amount will be reinvested in the next 2020 events such as Easter, the Colony Festival, and Natal Luz 2020/2021.

The 35th Natal Luz de Gramado is scheduled from October 22, 2020 to January 10, 2021.