Through Imply® Ticketing Technology, match between Gremio and Corinthians is sold out online in advance

Gremio will face Corinthians in the Gremio Arena next Sunday, August 14, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. For the match, it is estimated an audience of at least 51,000 people, beating the current record of 48,204 fans.

The match Gremio vs Corinthians marks the first time since Gremio started selling tickets via the Internet, where all advance tickets were sold on the online platform by Imply Technology. This time also marks the technological development, where users search for quick tools, practical and comfortable to use.

Besides selling tickets, Imply is also responsible for access management of Gremio since 2007. With the implementation of Imply system, positive results were obtained, such as:

– The number of attempts to access with disabled or false tickets has been reduced from an average of 1,500 to 5 attempts per event.
– Average income which in 2007 was R$176 thousand, in 2008 grew to R$402 thousand, with the impressive growth of 128%. To this, the price of tickets has not changed.
– The average attendance grew 39% from 2007 to 2008. The number of public rose from 24,267 to 33,747. In relation to income the increase was 62.7%.
– From 2007 to 2008 there was an increase of 172% in the acquisition of central seats. Side chairs had an increase of 130%, and the members expanded their presence in the central chairs in 343%, and 161% in the side chairs.
– Gremio was the club with highest average attendance in their stadium in the Brazilian Championship in 2008, averaging 31,725 people per game, according to CBF.- Counting only the Brazilian championship, in 19 games in 2007 were sold 29,841 seats, and in 2008, in 18 games were sold 78,916, an increase of 164% in one year with the SIGA System.
– The information provided by SIGA and the BI module are useful for decision making in various departments of the club, such as marketing, operations, administrative and financial departments.
– With Imply® SIGA, Gremio Soccer Club now has a complete register of hundreds of thousands of fans and associates. A number that envies any other marketing department, enabling to have a deep knowledge of who are their customers and thereby accomplish several CRM and strategic actions.
– Advance Ticket sale: In many events, the tickets are sold out in advance, after few days of online sales.

Imply Ticketing Technology is a benchmark in the market, having also several success cases like this. In addition to Gremio, the online Ticket sales system is also available in Arena CAP, Arena Maracana, Arena Fonte Nova, Arena das Dunas and Arena Pernambuco.