The growing importance of Self-Service in the world

Automation through Self-Service Terminals is transforming the users’ shopping experience, which can add positive value and sales growth. Companies of the most different segments have been betting on innovation to optimize services and still obtain greater control of management. The long waiting for service no longer has to be part of the reality of the world’s population. Several industries are recognizing the need and benefits to be gained by increasing service efficiency, demanding lower human resources and increasing customer satisfaction, by providing rapid access to solutions.
ATMs have more and more been enjoyed in different ways, and the range of possibilities to be explored by the technology market is increasingly richer. The terminals have infinite functionalities for different business segments, such as sales channel, search of information, check-in, appointment scheduling, human resources, surveys, etc. You can see in practice the ease that a Self-Service Solution can bring to consumers and management.
Several Airports, Subway, Train and Bus Stations are examples of operational optimization and greater agility in its service delivery, when implementing Self-Service Terminals for ticket sales, every day of the week at any time.
In Europe the growth estimate for these Solutions is 35% in the next years. Currently, the US market is in first place with self-service technologies with 41% of the world market. The main world importers are: China, the United States and Hong Kong, totaling more than 50% of the market *.
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