Termas Romanas Recanto Maestro opens with Eleven360 Platform

With the purpose of resuming the grandeur of the historic Roman baths, the Termas Romanas Recanto Maestro opened. Thus, the space offers modern and comfortable structures, as well as welcoming services, along with a revitalizing nature scenario. Surprisingly, it is the only salt water thermal park with medicinal properties in Brazil!

Termas Romanas has the Eleven360 Imply® Platform to optimize the sale of tickets on various channels in an integrated manner, as well as access control. Tickets are available on the web through the Portal: https://termasromanas.eleventickets.com/

Through our consultancy, the solution was planned, developed and implemented in order to provide the best possible experience for visitors. In addition, managers have dashboards, automated reports and resources that facilitate monitoring. As a result, real-time data allows decision making to optimize the performance of operations. Click here and learn more about the Eleven360 Platform: https://www.imply.com/engb/access-systems/

The Thermal Park has an area of ​​approximately 150 hectares and 6 swimming pools, 2 of which are cold fresh water pools and 4 thermal water pools, where visitors will be able to enjoy all the benefits of medicinal waters. The waters are naturally salted and heated to 38º C, and are rich in minerals, with 32 medicinal and therapeutic properties. The main pool has a capacity of 417 thousand cubic meters. In addition, the park offers tobogganing, whirlpool, spaces for children and a green area for outdoor activities.

Sustainably planned, the park has 2 extraction wells and 2 water return wells. Thus, after being used, the waters are returned to the subsoil, maintaining the environmental balance.

Find out more at: termasromanas.com.br