Sugarloaf Cable Car in Rio optimizes sales with Imply® Technology

A cableway with breathtaking scenery, featuring a 360º view and an unique experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: this is the Sugarloaf Cable Car, also known as “Bondinho Pão de Açúcar”. Now, this incredible attraction features Imply® Super Tickets, a platform with omni-channel technologies for ticket sales with total ease and security, as well as powerful management tools, reports and real-time monitoring.
The public can quickly and intuitively access the 24/7 ticket sales interface anywhere and anytime via Smartphone, Tablet and Computer, using the link
After confirmation of the purchase, the user can choose to print the ticket at home or open the ticket in the wallet of a smartphone or tablet. The control of the accesses in the venue, is performed through turnstiles with validation of the tickets by bar code.
In addition to the online ticket sales, it will soon be possible to purchase tickets through POS terminals and TCI Slim Self-Service Terminals with Imply® Technology.