Legislative Assembly of Ceará modernizes Access and Self-Service with Imply® Technology

Imply® has developed and installed the most comprehensive Integrated Access Control System, a complete solution for the management of people and vehicle accesses (parking lots) through a flexible and intelligent control in the Legislative Assembly of Ceará, in Fortaleza, Brazil.

In order to optimize the services, five Imply® TCI Self-Service Terminals were implemented. To ensure greater security and access control, it is necessary to make the biometric registration with the reception on the first visit. After the registration is done, the user can go to the Terminals and select  the department of interest to be visited. The entire Solution communicates in real-time mode, sending and receiving constantly and instantaneously various information that allows the management in an agile and efficient way.

Still inside the building, there are 27 turnstiles available, of which 9 are +Accessibility (easy access for people with disabilities or special needs). Turnstiles perform users’ biometric reading for secure access to Assembly departments. In addition, the I-Parking – Access Control and Management technology for parking lots is also present in the garages, with a total of 13 gates. The Solution also scans biometrics and reads the credentials of users through the RFID technology with agility and speed.