The TCI Slim, is another offering from the Imply® Kiosks line of products that can help bring your business and services closer to your customers.

Take the opportunity to add value to your services a TCI Self Service Kiosk.

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TCI SLIM – Create new possibilities

Through these kiosks, your services will be accessible in several places of great circulation of people. This way, it is possible to reduce the queues of over-the-counter attendance at headquarters. Imply® Terminals strengthen and broaden your relationship with customers, bringing comfort to the approach of services. Consultations are agile and can be performed at any time, including outside business hours. With the ease of self-service you reduce distances and ensure more convenience to the public.

Take the opportunity to add value to your services with the Imply® Self-Service and Query Terminals.



Custom Front End Softwares

We can design the right software, tailored for just you. We can develop intuitive interfaces for users, according to your needs. Our front end developers can work you to help you achieve your expected results and assist your business in becoming more efficient.

Online Management

Monitor the functioning of the terminals with 100% online monitoring. That means you have access to settings and reports of your terminals from anywhere. The system offers multiple tools to facilitate your management, without any complications.

Complete set of services

All Imply® Kiosks can be adapted for many different purposes, assisting in your projects with
broad variety of functions:
– Print and payment of duplicates of bills, taxes, fines and other fees;
– Query of a database and output of requested information;
– View and review billing statements;
– View account balances and account information;
– Allow access to internet browsing;
– Schedule appointments and consultations for visits or special requests;
– Check the progress of orders, applications, works and processes;
– Accept customer reviews (suggestions, complaints) or complete satisfaction surveys;
– Excellent for Tourism, can be used to provide maps, attractions, location of restaurants,
and even scheduled events in multiple languages.

Customizable Solutions

All of our Self Service Kiosks can be adapted for a variety of purposes to helping any functions you may need for your projects. The settings can be tailored according to your project. We offer a full set of high-performance equipment that may be added to your kiosk: LCD monitor, touch screen, pinpad, bills acceptor, thermal printer, fingerprint reader, smartcard RFID reader, barcode reader, magnetic card reader, CD/DVD reader and writer, front USB’s, webcam, trackball or touchpad mouse, keyboard, stereo sound system, presence sensor, electronic display board, among other high-tech options.


Developed with the finest materials to ensure strength and durability, Imply® Kiosks are totally vandal proof. Besides lockable doors, have an unique protection system with sensors, alarms and sirens.


Appropriate to various biotypes, with innovative design.


The appearance of your terminal can be fully customized with the colors and logo of your company.

Success Case

Due to its mobility, the Self-Service Terminal allows its installation in places easily accessible with large crowds of public such as universities, municipal agencies, etc. It also streamlines the service to users, eliminating the need to join queues to purchase a ticket or exchange the voucher. The IMPLY® Terminal meets the technical requirements of quality and functionality required and was developed specially for ticket sales. In addition to after-sales service, the dedication and professionalism of the IMPLY® Team at all times in the process were fundamental to the success of the project.” Mr. Cesar Perrenoud – IT and Innovation Manager at the Ouro & Prata Group





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