Serve your customers in more locations, in a modern and sophisticated way. The ATM Kiosks allow you to interact with your audience remotely.

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ATM – Create new possibilities and transform experiences. 

  • Approach services;
  • Services available 24/7;
  • Decentralize desk services;
  • Agility: Reduce queues and waiting time;
  • Increase in investiment return.

The most advanced encrypted security for PIN PAD.

High performance and safe models. They have sensors and an image processing algorithm.

  • Design Oriented for users;
  • Accessibility;
  • Stereo sound system and headphone interface;

Terminals are totally anti-vandalism, quality raw materials and the best materials to ensure durability.

The ATM differentials to facilitate the operation.

Serve your costumers in more locations.

People can access your services 24 hours a day.

Designed with a life more than two million cycles.



Our ATMs stand out for their design. We included the use of LED lighting on all of our machine’s outputs like the printer output, DIP card reader, check scanner, banknote and coin recyclers, to indicate via LED flickers the output is activated for the end user.


Our ATMs can be adapted wide variety purpose, not just banking solutions The settings can be tailored according to the solution your project requires. Imply® ATMs offer a full set of highperformance equipment, including: LCD monitors, touch screens, safes, high-performance recycler of banknotes and coins, anti-skimming, PCI PIN PAD keyboards, DIP card readers, bar code readers, check scanners, thermal printers, card dispensers, webcams, stereo sound systems, headphone jacks, among other high-tech options. Colors and logos can also be integrated into our machines. All of our machines are always user friendly and easy to operate for both the end user and its operators.


Our machines offer a complete portfolio of solutions with different levels of physical and logical securities to protect against attacks and frauds.


User-centered design, developed according to accessibility standards.

High Resistance

We use high quality materials to ensure durability and a long service life for all our ATM products. We will make sure your ATM machine looks great with visually stunning finishes!

Custom Front End Softwares

We can design the right software, tailored for just you. We can develop intuitive interfaces for users, according to your needs. Our front end developers can work you to help you achieve your expected results and assist your business in becoming more efficient.


In addition to the software solutions developed by Imply®, ATMs also allow you to run your own existing applications. We can also provide integration services with Payment Gateway Integration for EFT (electronic funds transfer), and other services, to ensure the successful implementation of your project.

Easier management

PMonitor the functioning of the terminals with 100% online monitoring. That means you have access to settings and reports of your terminals from anywhere. The system offers multiple tools to facilitate your management, without any complications.




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