Segredo Madison presents a new bowling concept in US

Michael Hierl, founder and president of Boutique Bowling, Imply®’s distributor in US, is preparing a new concept for bowling with his new Segredo business. The Segredo Madison will be a restaurant with reasonably priced food, four Imply® bowling café lanes, iJump, iFlip, iTarget, Wii and Xbox, besides a full-service bar.

Hierl sees the Madison Segredo as a prototype for similar establishments across the U.S. In Madison, he says, “it has potential to be an anchor for a vibrant entertainment district downtown.”. The new boutique bowling concept uses standard size balls and pins, with shorter lanes, which makes bowling possible in spaces much smaller and more chic than a traditional alley.

The restaurant menu will offer many tapas style dishes. Hierl said he wants to provide food and drinks at a reasonable price. “We want to encourage people to order a lot and share,” he said. Segredo Madison will be open seven days a week. Hierl said he hopes to attract more business by opening at 5 p.m. during the week, potentially drawing an after-work crowd. He also reiterated that the comfortable, lounge atmosphere would be the main focus.

Segredo Madison will also rent out rooms for private parties and corporate team building during the day. People underage will be able to rent out the Eight Track Retro Room and they will be allowed to have access to other areas of the establishment.

Planned to open in early January, the Grand Opening will proceed to benefit local charity. Hierl, along with his partner, Ryan Dionne, also plan to partner with local industries to hold fundraisers.

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