São Luiz and Belém innovate in out of home medias with Imply® Message Panels

In order to innovate the urban comunication, the company MC Mensagens installed 73 Imply® Message Panels in the capitals São Luiz and Belém – Brazil. The panels were installed in places with high flow of people, with 21 panels in São Luiz and 52 in Belém.

The PEM 2017 model has been developed according to world standards, with a new design that aims to maximize the impact and visibility of external media, for a wide reach of the mass audience. The double-sided advertising space has two fixed sides, with an illuminated interior through a high-brightness backlight for a greater emphasis on the media, promoting the efficient dissemination of the campaigns. For increased interactivity, the double-sided LED display informs time, date, automatic countdown to a date, temperature and programmable messages.

Founded in 1979, MC Mensagens is a specialist in the provision of services for the supply and maintenance of Urban Furniture and operates the Out of Home Media in Maranhao and Para states, with maintenance and marketing rights for 25 years.