Santo Angelo Bus Station innovates in its sales channels with Imply Terminals
The Imply TCI Self-Service Terminals began to innovate the sales of bus tickets from the bus station in San Angelo, Brazil. The terminals are located at the city center, in places with high flow of people.
In addition to modernizing services from the bus station, they also optimize processes and time, being recognized as an effective, agile and comfortable sales channel for its users.
Besides selling tickets to the many cities of the Rio Grande do Sul State through payment with debit and credit cards, they also allow the user to print tickets purchased online. The software, developed by Imply in partnership with Rodosoft, is fast and intuitive. In addition, the terminals also feature cutting-edge technologies such as Touch Screen Monitor, SmartCard RFID Reader, 2D Barcode Reader, Webcam, 80mm Printer and PinPad for payments.