Project between Imply® and the Government of Minas Gerais receives Award

Imply® was recognized by the Information Technology & Government 2011 Award, among the best initiatives in Brazil as a technology provider for government services through the TCI – Self-Service and Consultation Imply® Kiosks. The “Government Closest to Population” project, developed in partnership between Imply® and the Department of Planning and Management of Minas Gerais was recognized as one of the most innovative of Information Technology in the public area.

Imply® Kiosks feature an innovative remote system for management, monitoring and intelligent control, which allows access to various reports relating to its operation and use. From these data, we can easily see the great success of this project.

From October 2008 until today, were more than four and a half million consultations in Imply® Kiosks (approximately 4,686,742 hits to this date), this year accounting an average of 293,411 visits per month.

Through the Imply® Self-Service and Consultation Kiosks, the Government of Minas Gerais has been providing a better and faster service to the citizens. So far, we have installed 98 Imply® Kiosks in the State of Minas Gerais, bringing closer access for the population to various services of the state government, as the Traffic Department, Highway Department, Police, Water and Sanitation Company, Institute of Social Security, among others. Some of the services available are:

Account Status

Debts Research

Duplicate Bill Issuance

Services and Rates Informations

Location of stores and other attention points

Data bases consultation

Trade and Tourism (Maps, Tourist Sites, Road and Air tickets)