Passo Fundo Bus Station innovates with Imply® Self-Service Terminal

Always seeking innovation, the Passo Fundo Bus Station, in Brazil, offers one of the Imply® Solutions to facilitate the purchase of tickets. Since June 13, the Imply® Self-Service Terminal has been operating for the sale of round-trip tickets or following segments, through debit and credit cards. The TCI Slim – Imply® Consultation Terminal accepts all cards and runs 24 hours a day. Mr. Jabs Paim Bandeira, of Paim Bordignon, who is the current company responsible for the Bus Station, says that “the customer who purchases through the Internet will also be able to use the Terminal to exchange the voucher for the ticket.” Still, Paim points out that “it is an experiment that in the future can be made available in the city center, shopping malls and universities to further benefit users.” Imply® Consultation Terminals modernize travel-related services as they streamline processes and optimize time, and are considered to be efficient, useful and practical ticket sales channels for their users.