Parliamentary Voting System


  • Management of projects and guidelines for vote;
  • Elections;
  • Attendance Control;
  • Registry of Sessions;
  • Management of microphones and speakers.



+ Efficiency
Parliamentary Voting System

Modern, smart and easy to use system. Streamlines and standardizes the legislative process by providing greater flexibility in voting, transparency and credibility. The system managesthe sessions, matters to be voted, agenda, attendance, elections. Optionally, you can also integrate the management of microphones and speakers. Voting can be performed instantly, through a simple and agile process, with immediate results, increasing the time available for discussions on the agenda.

+ Technology
Parliamentary Voting System

The information (voting, attendance, and programmable messages) can be displayed on LED panel, or in a Multimedia Video Wall Board with high resolution and definition to display videos, conferences, multimedia presentations, and more.

+ Transparency
Parliamentary Voting System

The Voting Display presents to the audience the vote option elected by each legislator, besides recording the attendance of parliamentary sessions. Added to all this, keeps a database with historical records of the sessions, including all matters voted by each parliamentar and their respective voting option.

+ Dynamism
Parliamentary Voting System

The system streamlines the analysis of results through reports and facilitates sharing the reports on the Internet, providing greater modernity.

+ Security
Parliamentary Voting System

The Imply® System is foolproof. All validation information are processed through a completely secure and encrypted tunnel, ensuring total accuracy in the results, with the most modern technology validation. Individual authentication is done by strict numeric passwords. Besides passwords, also can be used contactless smart cards, and yet, biometric identification.

+ Convenience
Parliamentary Voting System

Besides the Voting Terminals, we also offer the innovative option of Tablet technology that provides significant savings in printing and paper consumption with digital display of documents.

Success Cases
Parliamentary Voting System

The Imply® Parliamentary Voting System Ihas been present for several years in more than 30 parliaments in Brazil, among them: the Rio de Janeiro City Council, Porto Alegre City Council, Guarulhos City Council, Legislative Assembly of the State of Sao Paulo – the largest parliament in Latin America, with 94 state representatives.

IMPLY® voting system made the Capital Legislative definitely enter the digital age. We decided to deploy a new technology, which provides more agility in our daily work. The system allows us to display audiovisual contents, with up to 16 different types of images exhibited simultaneously in the TVs with LCD technology that compose the panel”. Nelcir Tessaro, Former President of Porto Alegre City Council.

What solution can we create for you?
Parliamentary Voting System

Using the latest and more reliable technologies with a quality service, Imply® advises you to scale and tailor the system to your Parliament, according to your needs.


The Voting System contributed to the speed of work and transparency, because as the councillors enter their votes, they appear on the panel, allowing everyone to see.  IMPLY® has an efficient and secure software and a top service. The staff are polite, helpful and competent.”  Ms. Josianne Pio De Magalhaes Deboni – Technical Director at the Guarulhos City Council



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