Multisports Display PPE40

Transform a simple game into a memorable event.

The Imply® Scoreboards offer the latest technology for displaying information at sporting events.

The PPE40 is a scoreboard suitable for indoor environments, and it is versatile for various sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, among others.

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The Multisports Display PPE40 presents:

  • Play Time Stopclock: in minutes, seconds and tenths of a second, progressive or regressive.
  • Score for Local Team and Guest Team.
  • Game Period.
  • Collective Fouls for Local Team and Guest Team.
  • Time Out Requests for Local Team and Guest Team..
  • Alarm: automatic switch at the end of timing, or triggered by remote control.
  • Messages Display Board: This differential interacts with the crowd, disseminates messages of encouragement (GOOOAL!) presents names of the teams and escalation for the teams (shirt number and name of the athlete, who scored, author of faults, etc.), advertisements, promotions, utility messages, display effects, and more. All this to draw the attention of the audience and host major sporting events.
  • Exclusive advertising space.

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Agility and dynamism

With smart technology, developed specifically for sporting use, the command allows you to configure easily the information and messages on the panel, such as score, stopclock, and more. Also, lets you manage up to 2 scoreboards simultaneously, via cable or wireless.

Plug and play

Lightweight and easy to install, for suspended or wall mounting, and very simple to use. For more convenience, Imply® Scoreboards store information even in the case of a power outage.

High Brightness LEDs

With red LEDs, uses the latest technology in LED displays with 100% digital technology, and even from great distances, provides a clear view of information.

High durability

Developed with the finest materials, manufactured with high strength structure of aluminum, and acrylic or polycarbonate front, ensuring the best finish, with great visual results.


Width: 360 cm | 141 3/4” in

Height: 200 cm | 78 3/4” in

Depth: 11 cm | 4 3/8” in

Weight: 100 kg | 220,4 lb



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