The Imply® Electronic Technology is located in the Santa Cruz do Sul, in a region of German colonization, where is carried out yearly the Oktoberfest, known like the festival of the Happiness of the month of October. Is a homage to the colonizers, uniting the preservation of the culture and traditions, through the reading, of the dance and beautiful choreographies, folk parades, more than 500 hours of dance and music, architecture, typical gastronomy and its classical beverage, the chopp.

The Oktoberfest already is known in national level and even besides the borders of the country understanding the countries of Mercosul. Each year that passes the Festival of the Happiness is being perfected and finding each time more its Germanic roots. In 2003, it had a public of 464,9 thousand people, where they were sold 210 thousand liters of chopp.

Encouraging the culture of our town, Imply is part of this festival. We have a stand, where we present among others products, the Tacco Ball and Mechanical Bull, to the animated visitors of the fair. We invite you to make of this festival and to visit our stand!