Oktoberfest Blumenau 2019: Get your tickets now for the biggest germanic party in Americas!

Tickets for the largest German party in the Americas, Oktoberfest Blumenau, have begun to sell. The celebration of German tradition begins on October 9 and runs through October 27, and for the second year in a row Imply® Group will be responsible for ticketing, food and beverage cashless operation, access control and supply of operations team.

Tickets can be purchased at the Vila Germânica Park box office, or more conveniently through the website: https://oktoberfest.superingresso.com.br/

Following last year’s model, the cashless card system will return, bringing more convenience to consumption. Oktober Karte, as it is called, features Smartcard RFID technology and can be activated and reloaded directly into Imply® Self-Service Kiosks. Recharging can be done by credit and debit card. Thus, it will not be necessary to handle cash during the event, thus bringing more security and agility in attendance.

This year’s program has 75 bands for the 19 days of celebration. So far four international attractions have been confirmed. Check out the full schedule here.