Espírito Santo Government uses Imply® Mobile Panels to ensure road safety

Espírito Santo Government uses high-tech Imply® Mobile Panels to modernize and bring more safety to state highways State Government of Espírito Santo, in Brazil, uses Imply® Mobile Panels in order to modernize and bring more safety to highways. The acquisition of Imply® PMVs Road Panels is part of a project to modernize the work structure […]

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Famous youtuber Luccas Neto inaugurates Imply® Bowling Alley

Luccas Neto, one of the largest digital entrepreneurs in Brazil, opened his luxurious 4-story mansion. To promote his fun with family and friends, he purchased his Bowling Alley from Imply® to place in the room. Check out the Residential Bowling Alley model Green Bowling Imply®, customized especially for Luccas Neto’s impressive property.   Imply® Group […]

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Success Case: Self Service Kiosks in Minas Gerais

Self Service Kiosks in Minas Gerais developed by the Imply® Group simplify and streamline government services The Self Service Kiosks have been developed by the Imply® Group for the Minas Gerais State Government, in Brazil, in order to simplify access to various services. The interactive Terminals have been installed in dozens of cities in the […]

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Discover how Bowling Alleys at Flipa Jump increase the fun

Imply® Bowling Alleys at Flipa Jump has high technology and excellence to ensure customers’ fun What was already fun, got even better, with Bowling at Flipa Jump. The entertainment center Flipa Jump in Ponferrada, Spain, has fantastic activities. Among its amusements, 4 Imply® Green Bowling Alleys, stand out. Thus, Bowling at Flipa Jump expands the […]

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Termas Romanas Recanto Maestro opens with Eleven360 Platform

With the purpose of resuming the grandeur of the historic Roman baths, the Termas Romanas Recanto Maestro opened. Thus, the space offers modern and comfortable structures, as well as welcoming services, along with a revitalizing nature scenario. Surprisingly, it is the only salt water thermal park with medicinal properties in Brazil! Termas Romanas has the […]

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Corsan modernizes operations with Imply Self-Service Terminals

Corsan Sanitation Company, with the objective of increasing the satisfaction of its customers, is providing 320 Imply Self-Service Terminals at several cities in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. The hardware and software of the Terminals are being developed by Imply to expand users’ access to various services offered by Corsan. In addition, Corsan managers […]

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Tauá Resort Alexania opens with Imply Bowling Alleys

Known for its luxurious structures, with numerous leisure attractions, the Tauá Hotels and Resorts chain inaugurated the Tauá Resort Alexânia, with 4 Official Bowling Alleys and 2 MiniBowling Imply Alleys, in Alexania, Goias, Brazil. In addition, the chain also has 4 Imply lanes at the Tauá Resort in Caeté, and 4 Imply bowling lanes at […]

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Residence in Brazil with Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys

A luxurious residence located in Campo Grande, Brazil, now has a stunning environment designed for entertainment: Two Residential Bowling Alleys with Imply® Technology have been installed. The owner of the residence chose Imply® Technology to realize his dream of having his own private bowling alleys. Thus, the new high-tech attraction will guarantee the fun. After […]

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Have you ever thought about spending your vacation in an amazing mansion close to the best attractions in Florida? There are seven luxury homes in Orlando, Florida, each with two Green Bowling® Imply® residential bowling lanes: – Wonderful World Villa, with 14 rooms and capacity for 40 people *NEW! – Sports & Wellness Villa, with […]

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Imply Health helps restarting practical classes at Santa Cruz do Sul University

With the beginning of the second academic semester of 2020 scheduled for August 24, the Santa Cruz do Sul University (Unisc) has gradually resumed its face-to-face activities, in compliance with security decrees and protocols established by the authorities. Since the 24th of June, some academics are recovering the practical classes in person. To optimize the […]

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