More than 400 Imply® Kiosks installed for Brazilian Traffic Department

With the project “Government Closest to Population,” developed by Imply® in partnership with the Government of Minas Gerais state, recognized by the IT & Government 2011 Award, Imply® is today a reference of technology for the provision of services to the government through the Imply® kiosks.

Encouraged by the great success of this partnership that allows the public to access the Government Traffic Department services with greater ease, comfort and efficiency, two more states are now implementing Imply® kiosks to benefit the population. Currently, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco and Paraiba states sum 421 consultation and self service kiosks.

See the views of the users:

“With the terminals, the service is great, is fast and we have comfort.” Admilson de Souza Brito Filho. Betim – MG

“With the arrival of the terminals, we have much more mobility and speed for the services, that were complicated and slow.” Roberto de Aguiar Maciel, Entrepreneur of Pernambuco.

“The self-service kiosks brought speed, so we do not need to stand in long queues that took hours of waiting.” Josias Alves dos Santos. Divinópolis – MG

“The service is excellent, because everything is printed on time, and before the queue was too long for the services.” Iraildo Leandro de Lima, client of Pernambuco Detran

And to further facilitate the services of the Traffic Department through the kiosks, Imply® is creating yet another innovation: the payment by credit card via Pin Pad, in agreement with the operator Cielo.

In Pernambuco state, are 249 Imply® kiosks positioned in strategic locations throughout the state. In Paraíba, are 74 Imply® kiosks located in the cities of Joao Pessoa and Campina Grande.

Users can access various Traffic Department services such as:

Query status of the vehicle;
Query status of the driver;
Query value of debts, taxes and fines;
Issue of Payments of fees and duplicates;
Consultation Process in Progress;
Issuance of paychecks to the employees;
And more.