Mangueirão Stadium optimizes access with Imply® Technology

The Pará Olympic Stadium, located in Brazil, and better known as Mangueirão, was reopened on Sunday, January 29. To ensure more safety and comfort for fans, the stadium now has the modern and efficient Imply® Access Management System. The technology places Mangueirão at the same level as international sports stadiums, and further enhances the experience of fans visiting the structure, with capacity for 35,000 people.

Were installed 72 new turnstiles, including equipment to facilitate access for people with disabilities. At the gates with the largest volume of public, ten turnstiles were installed, generating more agility for the visitors’ access.

One of the points that caught the attention of those responsible was the quality of the new Command and Control Center. According to Military Police Major Luiz Otávio, currently, Mangueirão is a totally safe stadium to receive its fans. “The Command and Control Center is excellent, one thousand percent, because it meets our needs and is beyond our expectations. Mangueirão is ready to host any local, regional, national and international level game and event, including FIFA. Today and in the next ten years, Mangueirão is a safe stadium”.