Instituto Crescer Legal receives donation of Robokit from Imply Group

Imply® Group pays special attention to the community and its social development. We want to collaborate with the construction of a future of innovation. Thus, the company periodically donates the Robokit – Educational Robotics Kit – to institutions in the region. The initiative aims to strengthen the links between technological innovation and regional development. The institution of the time, to which it received the kit this Wednesday, 4, was the Instituto Crescer Legal.

The Crescer Legal Institute is an initiative for education and combating child labor, which operates in areas with tobacco plantations in the South of Brazil. Founded on 2015, it aims to offer subsidies for the development of rural youth, through income generation opportunities and the development of skills and potential.

Robokit is a project developed by the Imply® Group in partnership with the UNISC (University of Santa Cruz do Sul). With Robokit it is possible to develop several educational projects and activities, involving robotics, electronics, programming, mechanics, and curricular content. The kit allows to program LEDs and motors, using them to create models, inventions, games, artistic and creative works. In this way, the Project aims to disseminate access to technology and show that it is fun to learn robotics.