Imply ® Terminals facilitate the purchase of LPG in Sorocaba

The pioneering technology of the TCI Consultation Kiosks developed by Imply ® is part of a program to combat the illegal sale of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) in Sorocaba. In addition to providing greater safety for the consumers, Imply ® Terminals also provide greater convenience and ease for the purchase of gas through the E-Gas supplier and UG distributor.

There are several electronic points of sale, installed at various locations in Socoraba where the public make the request, and within an hour, receives the gas at home. Through the Terminals software, with touchscreen technology, consumers register their personal data. Payment can be done in Imply® Terminals by Credit Card, or at the delivery of the product at home.

Once the process is completed, the dealer receives the request and delivers the product to the customer’s home within one hour. The project is a success, and the forecast is to increase the number of terminals by the end of the year.