Aiming to divulge its products and services directed to leisure and entertainment, the Imply Tecnologia Eletrônica, from Santa Cruz do Sul, participated of the SALEX, from August 4th to 6th, 2004. The event, one of the largest of Latin America directed to diversion industry, was held on the ITM – Expo International Trade Mar. Among the most pointed out of the stand were the Bowling Centers Imply, with pioneer technology in Latin America.
The company also took advantage of the fair to launch a new product: bowling lanes suitable to short spaces, with 15 meters length. With colourful floor and balls, these lanes a ideal to entertainment centers without enough space of official lanes. With a creative and colourful design, it is warranted fun for kids and adults. The balls are smaller, lighter, without holes and the pins are also smaller in the same proportion.

WORKSHOP – Aside form the SALEX, the company, only one of the segment participating on the event – promoted the 1st Workshop IMPLY directed to owners of bowling centers. The event considered a success by the Director-President, Tironi Paz Ortiz. It allowed the divulgation of the Imply technology, as well as an interchange of experiences. “The bowling market still is an outstanding investment because it is growing in brazilian and international markets” pointed out the Director. During the event, the company has divulged the Bowling Undertaker Guide, including all the necessary information to undertake in the bowling business.