Imply technology is present in one of the world’s largest Christmas event
Gramado’s Christmas Light in South Brazil, is considered one of the world’s largest Christmas event: held since 1958 and currently attracts more than 2 million people. This year, the event is being sponsored by Imply® Electronic Technology. The brand provides  the event with the most modern services of Access Control and Ticketing.
The ticket sales takes place through the Super Tickets Imply® system with online sales platform ( ), in self-service terminals throughout the city and also at fixed points of sale. The Access System controls the parking management in two shows; and tickets validation through 10 Handhelds and 32 turnstiles.
Consisting of reliable technologies, all Imply® Access Control and Ticketing platform is offered to improve the user experience, providing greater convenience, safety and time optimization to all visitors. With the system, the event organizer team has several advantages, with access to strategic BI and CRM data, reports and real-time monitoring of every sale and access.
In the Christmas season, the city of Gramado is scene of more than 300 shows that have hundreds of artists from dancers, singers, musicians, actors, producers and directors. The city was also chosen as the best tourist destination in Brazil by TripAdvisor travel site based on millions of tourists assessments.