Imply Technology ensures secure access to 400,000 people in the 32nd Oktoberfest

With public 20 percent higher than last year, the traditional Oktoberfest in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil, closed its activities in an atmosphere of joy and satisfaction after 12 days of celebration.

This year, the Oktoberfest invested in new technologies provided by Imply® to increase even further the convenience of the guests, with the online tickets sale for the national shows, powered by the Imply® Super Tickets platform. The sale of tickets also was available at several physical POS in the city; and their access validated by guests through their Smartphones, by an E-Ticket with QR Code, or through the ticket printed at home by the user.

With the partnership that has been occurring for several editions, Imply® also provided the Control and Access Management System, with 34 turnstiles to validate access for all users, with 12 turnstiles for guest access, 8 turnstiles for accredited access, with identification system with photo, and 14 turnstiles to access the Shows Arena. The Imply® technology was also ahead of providing the credentials and printed tickets for general access to the Oktoberfest Park.