Imply Self-Service Technologies at the TransUrbano 2016 Fair in Chile
Between 8 and 9 September, Autopass – company focused on electronic ticketing solutions and services for urban mobility, presented the Imply® Multikiosks technology at the 2nd International Meeting of Urban Mobility, also known as TransUrbano 2016. In the capital and largest city of Chile, Santiago, the Imply® Self-Service Multikiosk Terminals, issuing QR code (two-dimensional code) tickets for access validation, highlighted the technological potential of Imply®, a company that has been consolidating its operations worldwide.
From the theme “Current Opportunities for future solutions,” TransUrbano promoted the Fair, which brought together 50 exhibitors from around the world, and also the Congress about urban mobility, including several panels, round tables, lectures and discussions on the democratization of space for urban mobility, and enhances for the public transport system.