Imply provides technology for the With Life and Without Hunger Campaign

The Campaign with Life and Without Hunger will employ the technology developed by the Imply Group to facilitate the most efficient targeting of donations in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil.

The initiative is a partnership between several entities, companies, service clubs, public forces, the press and the community of Santa Cruz do Sul. The solidarity project brings together efforts to collect donations, assemble basic food baskets and hygiene kits, and distribute them to most needy families. In this way, it aims to contribute to minimize the crisis caused by the lack of income and loss of jobs, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Imply Group is providing the platform to optimize the management of registered families, gathering the registrations made in the churches and social programs of the municipality. In this way, it will be possible to use the data legally possible, to build a map of social vulnerability in Santa Cruz do Sul, and from there, create strategies to benefit the largest number of people. “Management will take place through the National ID number, which is an individual registration”, explained Tironi Paz Ortiz, CEO of Imply Group.