The FIFA Confederations Cup started and attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world for the Brazilian stadiums. Among the stadiums that are hosting the event, two have with the presence of Imply® technology: The Arena Pernambuco, in Recife, and Arena Castelao in Fortaleza.
The Arena Pernambuco debuted at the Confederations Cup with one of the most important classics of world football, Spain X Uruguay. The match took place on June 16 and ended with the victory of Spain by 2-1. The 41,705 spectators in the Arena could take advantage of the technology offered by Imply® services at the time of accessing the stadium. The Imply® Access Management System – SIGA offers access control in 98 turnstiles and Ticketing System, with 23 Imply® Points Of Sale for the sale of tickets. The turnstiles for access in Arena Pernambuco have readers for 1D barcode, 2D barcode, smartcard, fingerprint, QR code, and NFC system. Besides the game between Spain and Uruguay, the Pernambuco Arena hosted the match between Italy and Japan on the 19th, and on June 23 the Arena will host the match between Uruguay and Tahiti.
The Arena Castelao hosted the game Brazil vs. Mexico in the last June 19th. It was the second match of the Brazilian team in the World Cup, which remains unbeaten. The two modern Imply® Full Color panels exhibited the score of the game with two goals for Brazil and zero to Mexico. With the grandiose dimensions of 12.8 meters wide and 8 meters tall, the imposing panels were installed 40 feet tall from the lawn. In addition to this game, the Arena Castelao will host other two games of the Confederations Cup: in June 23th, Spain and Nigeria, and in the 27th a game for the semifinals of the Confederations Cup, with teams still to be defined.