The Urbana-PE, representative of the Pernambuco public transport operators, with 13 member companies, has been working strongly to conduce improvements in the quality of services in the industry. One of the featured projects is VEM card – a card integrating the electronic ticketing system for the Public Carriage of Passengers of the Pernambuco region.
In partnership with Imply®, the Urbana-PE has invested in innovation to serve the public transport users in more places, in a modern and sophisticated way. The Multikiosks developed by Imply® offer the  services of purchasing and reloading the VEM cards and will be available in places with high flow of people, so that services are closer and more accessible to the public.
The Imply® MultiKiosks allow users to purchase and recharge the VEM cards through payment in cash or credit card. Thus, with credits on the VEM card, access to transport is released after passing the card over a validator device that reads and transmits data to a central computer via wireless technology.
With Multikiosks, access to services of purchase and recharge of the cards is fast, convenient and intuitive, and is available even outside of business hours. The result of this innovation is the considerable reduction of queues, and greater comfort, ease and efficiency to the population that uses the service.