Imply Kiosks assist in combating violence against women in Rio de Janeiro
When technology becomes an ally of the society to turn a sad reality into a hope of a better life, it materializes a relationship of optimism, hope and confidence. The Project Via Lilac, whose main goal is to help women victims of violence through guidance, will feature 93 interactive kiosks  distributed in 14 railway stations of Rio de Janeiro. The TCI Consultation Kiosks developed by Imply®, will offer data on women’s rights network and information about health, safety and laws that guarantee women’s rights.
Released last Monday, March 2nd, the project is developed by the Department of Social Welfare and Human Rights of Rio de Janeiro in partnership with the Department of Transport, the World Bank, the SuperVia and the RioSolidario. The launch took place in the Bonsucesso station. At this moment will be installed 14 totems, of which 11 are already in operation. The initiative, which will take a year, includes the construction of kindergartens and information campaigns on the trains.
According to the Imply CEO, Tironi Paz Ortiz, the greatest value of this project is not its latest technology – with intuitive touch screen navigation – but the social function of this equipment, which can make a difference in lives of thousands of women who are victims of violence. “It is very gratifying to see our technology facilitating access to information, helping to combat violence and encouraging prevention,” adds Ortiz.