Imply is responsible for selling tickets online at 6 Brazilian Arenas
In a world where people seek for speed and ease, technologies that facilitate the online sale of tickets become a strong and strategic landmark for the events, once they are developed focusing on the best user experience. The convenience is also a high point of using this technology, for the public who purchase online can directly access the Event turnstiles with a printed ticket or e-ticket, and no need to exchange any vouchers.
This is the case of several Brazilian Arenas, which through online platforms further stimulate fans to participate in games. Imply® is proud to currently provide online ticketing solution for 6 Arenas in Brazil, which are: Arena do Grêmio (Porto Alegre / RS), Arena CAP (Curitiba / PR), Arena Maracana (Rio de Janeiro / RJ) Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador / BA), Arena Pernambuco (Recife / PE) and Arena das Dunas (Natal / RN).