Imply installs a new Production Display

The Japanese multinational company: TAKATA, manufacturer of seat belts and airbags, worldwide known, wich has a unit installed in Brazil at the municipe of Piçarras in the state of Santa Catarina, shows now the latest IMPLY® TECHNOLOGY product.

Takata company, has 160 employees in this unit. The company produces six millions meters per month. All their production is bought by Mexico, where the seatbelt is finished and sold to the united states. Besides the seat belts the company also works with steering wheels and Airbags. In Brazil, 80% of steering wheels are manufactured by the company. The Japanese multinational is present in many countries world wide and has 33 thousand employees. Last year their total income was of 4 billion US$.

IMPLY production pannel has 3 LED displays disposed to show the necessary information to the client.
Another IMPLY product that shows his differencial!