Imply® installs a new product: Incomings and Expenses Informative Panel

Imply® Technology installs in the municipe of São Borja in the Rio Grande do Sul region, in Brazil, his newest product, the INCOMINGS AND EXPENSES INFORMATIVE PANEL.

This pannel has been specially produced for the São Borja city hall, it features many LED displays to show all his information. The displays show the numbers of the municipe expenses and incomings it features also a electronic journal to show multiple messages to the citizens. It’s a outdoor pannel that uses a bright LED to allow his visualization from big distances. All his data is updated by RADIO technology, making availabe his update even in rainy days.

This product is developed to show the expenses and incomings of the municipe to the citizens, having a greater transparency for the city hall.

Another Innovative IMPLY product to make easier and better the municipe governement.