Imply® hosts the Click Generation event during the Global Entrepreneurship Week
On November 21th, during the Global Entrepreneurship Week , Imply® hosted the Click Generation Workshop promoted by NGOs Entrepreneur Focus, from Santa Cruz do Sul. On occasion dozens of school directors and teachers from the city participated in talks about the entrepreneurial world, with the goal of awakening a new vision of preparation and encouragement of youth entrepreneurship , motivating them to realize the opportunities to enter the job market with confidence, proactive attitude, determination and self esteem. After the lectures , the participants were joyed to know closely the success story Imply® and visit the Imply® Technology Park.
According to the General Director of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, the world is witnessing a young generation frustrated by the chronic mismatch between skills and jobs. “The best response to the economic crisis and youth unemployment is to ensure the basic and relevant training they need to enter the world of work with confidence,” she said . According to her, not to invest in the skills of young people have long-term effects that are visible in all countries. Therefore, UNESCO argues that investing in skills development of young people is a smart strategy for countries that want to boost their economic development.
“Innovation is now the challenge for companies and industries to retain talent and develop new ones, so we are pleased to present, through the social partnership of the NGO Entrepreneur Focus, a new social way to bring the families into business in all hierarchy scales, opportunities for learning and professional approach”, punctuated Aurea Binz, President of the NGO.