Imply® and Eleven Tickets® bring Innovation to National Grape Festival

Imply® and Eleven Tickets® have closed another important partnership: The National Grape Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Brazil, taking place from February 22 to March 10, 2019, in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. Imply® and Eleven Tickets® will be responsible for ticket sales, access control, cashless operation for F&B (food and beverage), and provision of operations team. There will also be an Imply® Electronic Message Panel (PEM) to disseminate information about the event.

One of the great innovations that the companies will bring to the Grape Festival is the cashless consumer card system, the Fiorin Card. They replace payments or paper tickets. One of the benefits of this system is the convenience, since once loaded, can be used in various establishments inside the party. At the Grape Festival, the technology used will be the RFID card (Radio Frequency Identification).

In addition, with the Fiorin Card the consumption of food and beverages is much easier and agile. This is because the user loads the desired amount on the proximity card and then just present it at the counter, by approaching the card to the reader to validate the purchase. After the validation, the value is discounted and a voucher will be issued. In case the visitor wants to add more credits, can use one of the Imply® Self-Service Terminals in the park, to make the transaction. Terminals accept payment on credit and debit cards. With each purchase made, a voucher is issued informing the amount invested and the remaining balance.

The user can purchase the card in advance, online, at partner venues of the event and also during the party. Guests can choose to purchase the card as a souvenir of the party. Or, the amount invested can be redeemed at the end of the event, when returning the object.

The CEO of the Imply® Group, Tironi Paz Ortiz, points out that the Grape Festival is another important project that joins the series of events that Imply® has been doing throughout its history, strengthening its experience and expertise in large events. “The Grape Festival comes to add to the Imply® Group’s customer portfolio, which for us is very important,” says the CEO.

Ortiz emphasizes the full range of solutions presented by Imply® and Eleven Tickets®. “We do everything from ticket sales via online via POS, remote points and Self-Service Terminals. In addition, the sale of credits for use in F&B (food and beverages) within the event itself, access control of the entire public and financial management as a whole. The service includes not only activities such as the supply of change but also the staff, who are all the people who manage the technologies employed, promoting, with all of this, the comfort and positive experience of the visitor” he says.

It is already possible to buy tickets for the National Grape Festival at