New Imply® Displays at the Morumbi Stadium are featured at the inauguration of Copa America

Brazil is hosting one of the biggest and most anticipated sports event of the moment: Copa America 2019.

The opening took place at the Morumbi Stadium, home of Sao Paulo Futebol Clube, in Sao Paulo, on Friday, June 14, 2019, where the two powerful FullColor Displays developed by Imply® could be seen, which are among the largest in Latin America.
Each FullColor Panel installed measures 154.8m² (1666 sq.ft.), being 20.16m wide by 7.68m in height, with superior technology than the recommended by FIFA with regard to pixel resolution. The recommendation is that panels installed in Arenas and Stadiums have a P20 resolution (20mm pixels).

These panels have a P10 resolution (10mm pixels), one of the most modern technological solutions today, offering twice the recommended resolution. For Imply® it is a landmark, as they are the largest Panels ever produced in the category.

These 154.8m² of Imply® technology are outstanding, and its visibility inside the stadium is admirable! It is the most modern technology on the market for displaying information. They guarantee high quality of colors and images, even at great distances and under heavy sunlight. The FullColor panels enhance the interaction and experience of the public, guaranteeing excellent publicity and visibility.

Data of each FullColor Panel:

Dimensions: 20.16 m x 7.68 m | 66’ x 25’
Total area: 154.82 square meters | 1666 sq.ft.
Weight: 24 tons
Total resolution: 2016 x 768 pixels
Pixel Pitch: 10mm
Density: 10,000 pixels per square meter

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