Imply® Bowling Lanes at Buddy’s Bowling & Bites in Holland

Imply® Bowling Lanes at Buddy’s Bowling & Bites guarantee fun in Elburg in Holland

The Imply® Bowling Alleys at Buddy’s Bowling & Bites attract public attention. The entertainment center is located in Elburg, in Holland. In order to promote fun for all ages, the center offers 4 Imply® Green Bowling Alleys. At the same time, Buddy’s has a fantastic restaurant.

The Imply® Bowling Lanes at Buddy’s Bowling & Bites have state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, the alleys have a system with LED lighting that creates a show of light and colors. Undoubtedly, the equipment has a modern, clean and sophisticated design. Orders for drinks and snacks can be made through the Lane’s Interactive Terminals or the Smartphone of each player. So too, players can use their Smartphone to access game options and share their score on social networks. With this and more, Imply® Green Bowling offers players a new bowling experience.

In fact with, the Bowling Alleys are a great attraction for all ages. Ideal for happy hours, birthdays, parties and events. Equally, it is perfect for having fun with family, friends and colleagues.

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