The Electoral Regional Court (TRE) from Piauí got an Imply® Consult Terminal in December. The self service device speeds the service to users interested on info related to Electoral Justice, minimizing the waiting time in lines and the overload on the attendance to citizens.
At TRE from Rio Grande do Sul, is being implanted the System of User Attendance – Take-a-Number System -, which facilitates the service through number dispensers and electronic panels (number announcers) intalled at TRE.
Meanwhile, in Santa Catarina, The State Justice Court is getting ready to receive 25 Self Service Imply®Terminals. The kiosks will make citizens able to print and keep track of their court transactions.
Lawyers also will be able to utilize the service using a magnetic card, whih is already being distributed by Justice Court. Other 25 kiosks will be delivered to the State Justice Court of Paraná.