Imply® and Eleven Tickets® Technologies at Oktoberfest Santa Cruz do Sul

Santa Cruz do Sul, in Brazil, is celebrating. From October 10th to 21th the city lives the German culture with even greater intensity, through the cultural and artistic attractions of the 34th Oktoberfest. The event takes place at the Oktoberfest Park and once again features Imply® Technology and Eleven Tickets® to bring more agility and safety in access control to the Park.

Since 2010 the Party of Joy, as it is popularly known, has the People Access Control System. In addition, ticket sales are also powered by the Imply® and Eleven Tickets® technologies. The solution integrates into a single platform, intelligent tools for management, access control and ticketing.

The turnstiles for access control to the event are installed in containers, and each container has its own servers. In addition, access to the Park has credential registration through photo, and access control with LCD monitors that assist in security, showing the photo of the accredited visitor.

In total there are 36 turnstiles, 18 of them at the entrance of the Park and the other half for access to the Arena of Shows. They guarantee high flow of accesses per minute, which brings more agility to the event. Something indispensable as thousands of visitors access the event during the 12 days of celebration.