Imply® and Eleven Tickets® bring innovation to Oktoberfest of Blumenau

In a joyous rhythm, Imply® and Eleven Tickets® are present at the Oktoberfest Blumenau 2018. The event will take place from October 03 to 21, in Vila Germânica Park.
In addition to managing the sale of tickets that can also be purchased over the internet, Imply® and Eleven Tickets® Solutions include 54 Access Control turnstiles, installed in containers and located at the entrances to the Park. Each container has its own servers. There are also three Full Color Imply® panels for public announcements with high technology.

Another differential of the event is that this year paper tickets to purchase food and beverages have been replaced by the cashless consumer card system. The Oktober Karte features Smartcard RFID technology. Oktober Karte can be activated and recharged directly into the Imply® Self-Service Terminals. In total there are 15 terminals distributed at strategic points of the event, which guarantee greater convenience for the public to add balance to their Oktober Karte using credit or debit card.

In the 18 days of celebration are expected 570 thousand people, to check out the attractions of the biggest German festival in Brazil, which is among the three largest in the world.