Imply® and Eleven Tickets® ahead of ticket sales for the Blumenau Beer Festival

The traditional Brazilian Beer Festival and Fair, in Blumenau, Brazil, will take place March 13-16. The sale of tickets for the largest brewing event in Brazil, started this week, through the Imply® and Eleven Tickets® platform for Sale of Tickets, guaranteeing convenience and agility to the brewers:

It will also be possible to buy tickets during the event days, directly from the venue. For this, 12 POS Terminals (Imply® and Eleven Tickets®) will be available to visitors. In addition, Imply® and Eleven Tickets® will also manage Event Access Control. For this, will be used 12 turnstiles and 02 handhelds.

To learn more about the Imply® and Eleven Tickets® ticket sales platform, visit: