Imply Access Technology is responsible for Biometric Control of Gremio and Internacional teams
The two top teams in southern Brazil, Sport Club International and Gremio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense, are investing in Access Control Systems to promote even more security in their stadiums. The two teams work together to implement the register and identification by biometry for the fan clubs through the modern Imply® Access Management Platform. At each stadium, the organised fans will access by their tickets or smartcard, and their biometrics validation, which will facilitate the control and security.
The Beira-Rio Stadium, from the International team, already has Imply® Biometric Access validators since September 8. At the Gremio Arena, the expectation is that the biometrics module will operate until May 2017. Gremio already optimizes the Accesses and Ticketing operations with Imply® Platform since 2007, ensuring convenience for all visitors to purchase and validate tickets, in addition to providing strategic data through CRM and Business Intelligence for managers.
With the advantage of integration through Imply® Platform, the biometric registration of fans will be stored in a shared database to the Stadiums Access Systems, allowing access for fans of both teams in the two stadiums. “As we use the same technology, when Gremio has their registration, their visitors will access Beira-Rio by biometrics. It is an incentive to register, to control, which helps us to have a familiarity and safe environment, at the Beira-Rio and at the Arena,” said Alexandre Limeira, Management VP at International, in an interview with Globo Esporte. Limeira also highlighted that the two teams have been working together because they are both very concerned to host safe games.