Flamengo fans got to buy 411 tickets per minute for Carioca Championship’s final

Flamengo’s supporters have been taking advantage of the priority and the benefit of acquiring online tickets to secure their places in the big team games without any difficulties. In the final of the Carioca Championship, last Sunday (7), for example, the sales platform reached the mark of 411 tickets sold per minute for members.
The sales of the tickets for the event took place through the portal flamengo.superingresso.com.br, developed with the Super Tickets technology and operated by Imply® Tecnologia Eletrônica, integrated with the member-supporter system of CSM. The ticket purchased could be credited directly to the ticket card, further increasing the practicality for the supporter.
The match broke a new public record in Brazil this year, with a total of 68,165 fans. The agility of the online sales platform reached 411 tickets sold per minute. Imply® also performed access control through SIGA – Access Control and Ticketing System, facilitating the access of the fans and increasing the security of the place.
In addition, in the last game by Conmebol Libertadores Bridgestone, the match between Flamengo and Universidad Católica, also operated by the platform Super Tickets and CSM, surpassed all expectations, reaching the surprising peak of 614 tickets sold per minute. All this without any technical difficulty for the partner-supporter.