Mini Bowling

Wherever there is place for fun, there is place for the Imply® Mini Bowling.

MiniBowling by Imply® is an attraction intended entirely for family entertainment, designed to grow the operators profitability and improve customer experiences.

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Optional Sizes

You can choose the length of your Mini Bowling lane according to your space, from 32′ 7 1/2” (9,94 meters) to 52′ 10” (16,10 meters).


Bowling has always been a classic attraction: impossible not to look, irresistible not to play. Now, Imply® has reinvented our MiniBowling product, by offering in six gorgeous themes with some the coolest industry trends of today: Pop Art, Pub, Retro, Hipster, Space and Bowling Classics.

Bright Bowling

For additional fun, let your lanes shine under black lights with glow in the dark effects! Our lanes and pins are manufactured with special inks and neon pigments glow under black lights (if available in your venue). Plus, lighting effects with color changing RGB LED effects along the lanes, on the pins and on the ball elevator.

Compact Size

Think of a mini version of our Official Lanes and Bowling Café, these compact bowling lanes with smaller balls and pins are great for entertainment centers catering to the kiddos or for venues with space restrictions.

Overhead LCDs

The 32″ or 42″ Overhead LCD’s display the score and animations for more fun at each shot!

Player's area option

Create a casual atmosphere with greater comfort for your customers. Thus, they can relax while waiting their turn to play, it’s the perfect setting for food and beverage options (if not already available). Furniture available in various colors and models. We also offer color combinations to go with your venue’s decor.

User friendly interface

So you can confortably play, MiniBowling has a fast software with extremely simple and intuitive interface. Just insert a credit to start making strikes!

Gameplay programmable by the operator

With 10 frames, and two shots per frame, like official bowling. Or ‘FAST’ mode with only one shot per frame for a faster game. The software includes an exclusive timer (regressive time counter) to avoid slow play. Up to 6 players can have fun in the same game.


Can be operated with tokens, coins, smartcard, or front desk.

BowlingNet Central

Optional for operating and controlling the lanes. Intuitive and easy to use, gives you maximum control over the lanes with less effort so that you can maximize your profitability and customer satisfaction. You can set different prices for specific days and times, special prices for holidays, birthdays, happy hours, special promotions, among others.

Optional Redemption

The operator can set the value for the tickets.

Side protection option

For your greater safety.

Imply® helps you create your project

Combining lots of fun and bowling together to create a cool vibe atmosphere, MiniBowling promises a hip future in the business. We will provide the best solution for your Bowling, creating a custom project especially for you.

Quality Product

Engineered with the highest quality, the equipment delivers a great performance for high flows of use. The MiniBowling requires minimal maintenance. For more convenience, the front panel opens for easy access for operator maintenance. UL Certification and CE Marking, following international norms and standards of quality.


  • With 32″ LCD: 100 3/8″ | 2,55m
  • With 42″ LCD: 104 5/16″ | 2,65m
  • 1 lane: 5′ 8″ | 1,72m
  • 2 lanes: 9′ 9 1⁄2″ | 2,98m

Length without player’s area

  • 2 compact lane modules: 32′ 7 1/2″ | 9,94m
  • 2 lane modules: 35′ 10 3/4″ | 10,94m
  • 3 lane modules: 44′ 10 1/4″ | 13,67m

Length with player’s area

  • 2 compact lane modules: 40′ 6″ | 12,34m
  • 2 lane modules: 43′ 10 1/2″ | 13,37m
  • 3 lane modules: 52′ 10″ | 16,10m





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