Complete Guide: How to Start a Bowling Alley Business

Thinking about investing in bowling? You’ve come to the right place.

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Thinking about investing in Bowling, and don’t know where to start? Check out everything you need to know to set up a Bowling Alley Business:



Fast Return on Investment

Bowling is a market that moves more than US$ 11 Billion in revenue per year worldwide, in about 15,000 Bowling Centers. Bowling is a solid investment. The operation remains valuable in the long term and offers above-average profitability. It is the ideal business for entrepreneurs looking for a quick return on investment, combined with the pleasure and enthusiasm of promoting fun. The return on investment of a Bowling Alley can vary from $100 to $400 thousand per year, depending on several factors such as location, publicity, marketing actions, and complementary attractions at the venue.

Tip: Choose Bowling Equipment that will make your business more sustainable, efficient and profitable. Imply® Equipment consumes less electricity and has lower operating and maintenance costs compared to other brands.

There are several lines of credit available that facilitate and encourage you to invest in this highly profitable business. Count on Imply®’s expert advice to choose the best options to invest in Bowling, and maximize your returns. Contact us to learn more about investment options, lines of credit, return on investment simulation and tips for your project.

Main Advantages of Bowling

✓ Healthy Activity: Bowling is a physical activity that burns calories, promotes weight loss, and works various muscle groups, tendons, joints and ligaments.

✓ Social Activity for all ages: Easy to learn, it is a highly social activity. Bowling can be played by people of all physical abilities and skill levels. It is a leisure for all ages, bringing generations together: from the young to the elderly, everyone can have fun bowling. Bowling promotes fun, well-being, joy, friendship, team spirit, relaxation and stress reduction.

✓ Attraction for all seasons: Bowling allows you to enjoy incredible moments with family and friends any day. Everyone can have fun with Bowling 365 days a year, both on rainy and sunny days, winter or summer. So you can keep cash flow for the whole year.

✓ Worldwide Attraction: Everyone loves bowling! Bowling is one of the most commercially successful forms of recreation in the world, including diverse age groups and demographics.

Market Research

To know your market, collect information about Bowling and Entertainment Centers in your region. What are their strengths, attractions and prices? Furthermore, it is important to understand who your potential customers are, their habits, behaviors, wants and needs. What places do they go to, how often and for what reasons? Collecting this data is very useful to generate insights into how you will position your Bowling in the market and identify opportunities to differentiate your Center.

Business Plan

Before starting a business, planning is essential to help identify the best strategies for your success, be clear on what steps must be taken to reach the goals, and reach the market with more confidence and knowledge. The Business Plan is a document that brings together an overview of your enterprise, and can be divided into:

✓ Financial Plan: Study of initial costs, working capital, expenses and estimated revenues. Cash flow and earnings projection. This planning is important to help you maintain the financial health of the business.

✓ Marketing Plan: Information on the profile of your potential customers, definition of attractions, products and services that will be offered, prices, your location’s differentials, competitors, advertising strategies. Actions to attract and retain the public since the opening.

✓ Operational Plan: Details of the activities required to open the business, including physical structure, registrations, equipment, capacity for simultaneous customers and team planning.


With Imply®, you can count on professionals with international experience who will assist you with all the details of choosing your project. Check out some tips that are part of our consultancy:
✓ Location: The location is responsible for up to 70% of the success of your venue. Choose a location with a high flow of potential customers and high visibility. Consider the suitability of the business to the profile of the region/neighborhood, and locate regions lacking in leisure and entertainment options. Avoid proximity to competitors. Check if there is any restriction by the city regarding any zoning law.
✓ Space: We recommend 70 to 100 m² (750 to 1100 sq.ft.) of built-up area per bowling alley. This footage already accounts the space for bowling, bar, kitchen, bathrooms and other attractions. We offer a variety of Bowling lane size options.
✓ Cost: Check if the building price is compatible with your investment capacity, financial business plan and investment return projection. In the case of leases, evaluate the contract, payment terms and lease term.
✓ Parking: We recommend the availability of approximately 5 parking spaces for each bowling alley.
✓ Layout: Size the available space to encourage social interaction, ensuring there are no areas of little use or places of excessive movement. One interesting trend is the creation of VIP areas, with bowling alleys in spaces reserved for groups and private celebrations.
✓ Lighting: In the area of ​​the lanes, it is very important to add special effects: use black light, colored dancing lights, smoke effects, laser, and music to create the “Bright Bowling” show. So, create a contagious and immersive environment that draws all the attention to the lanes, takes bowling to a new level of fun and entertainment, and increases your customers’ length of stay.
✓ Decoration: Invest in interior and exterior decoration to captivate the public. Create “Instagrammable” places. Optionally, you can opt for themed decorations that increase the enjoyment of customers, creating unforgettable experiences.
✓ Facade: Invest in outdoor lighting and high-visibility panels with your brand to draw attention to your venue.

Beyond Bowling

Family Entertainment Centers (FEC’s) are entertainment complexes for the whole family that bring together a range of attractions for all ages. Bowling will be the main attraction of your business. It will not only generate a high flow of people, but also promote loyalty. Bowling provides guaranteed impact for family fun, businesses, organizations, tournaments, and more, serving all entertainment applications. Therefore, Bowling is the ideal anchor to be combined with other attractions that will increase your income. Complementary activities to Bowling will multiply your income, such as: Bar, Restaurant, Shows and Events, Minigolf, Laser Maze, Trampolines, Climbing Walls, VIP Area, Space for Parties and Events, among others.
The integration of different attractions added to bowling makes your business more attractive, expands your market reach, extends the period of stay for customers, provides greater consumption, and maximizes results. The other attractions, added to bowling, can increase your business’ income by about 100%.
Only those who have been to a place like this know the feeling of playing bowling with high technology, having fun making strikes, enjoying delicious menu options, listening to music and having a lively conversation in a comfortable environment.


Our experts can provide you with many useful guidance from our global experience. Find out what are the main steps to start your Bowling business successfully:
✓ 12 months before opening: Conduct market research; Formulate the business plan; Define investments and financial projections; Define number of bowling lanes and mix of attractions;
✓ 11 months before opening: Choice of location; Definition of the internal and external project; Look for an accounting office to start the legal opening process of the company;
✓ 10 months before opening: Start of internal and external construction; Send the order for the production of Imply® Bowling Alleys; Select furniture and other equipment suppliers;
✓ 9 months before the opening: Details of management, operation and marketing strategies; Definition of the bar/restaurant menu;
✓ 6 months before opening: Name and logo definition; Website and social media creation;
✓ 3 months before opening: Set the opening date and plan the opening event; Plan marketing strategies; Review the legal aspects, regularizations, licenses, certifications and permits;
✓ 2 months before opening: Finishing and decoration; Final preparation for installing the bowling lanes; Recruitment and selection of the team;
✓ 1 month before opening: Hiring and training the team to create unique experiences for your customers; Start ads and marketing campaigns; Installation of Imply® Bowling Alleys;
✓ 2 weeks before opening: Closed pilot event for few guests, for general test of the operation;
✓ 1 week before the opening: Diagnosis of the pilot event and improvement actions for the service and operation.

Why choose Imply®?

✓ Your Custom Project: We develop Bowling Alleys with official dimensions or Bowling Alleys customized for your space. From your venue blueprint, our consultants can assist you in creating a customized project especially for your Bowling. We can suggest the position of the lanes in your space, and our team can assist you in planning the architectural project. Our professionals will advise you with useful guidelines for the design and construction of your space. Our goal is to ensure that you and your customers have a wonderful experience. We are ready to help you.
✓ Complete assistance to plan and operate your business: Whether choosing the location, the architectural design, or the marketing strategies: with Imply®, you have expert support at every stage. Count on the experience of qualified professionals to meet all your needs. We are ready to serve.
✓ Constant Innovation: With Imply®, you have the most modern technological innovations at your disposal. We are continuously developing new technologies and thinking about the future of the business.
✓ Premium Equipment: Count on the very best. Imply® Equipment stands out for its high quality, with CE and UL certifications. Our Equipment has unrivaled performance, minimal maintenance and low operating costs.
✓ International Experience: Imply® Group is recognized worldwide as one of the main bowling manufacturers. We have an International Network of Distributors. Choose Imply® for your Bowling, and count on our extensive global experience to ensure high returns on investment and make your business a success. We partner with you to maximize your results, recommending proven strategies to plan and promote your business.

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What our Customers have to Say?

“We had a very professional and timely contract. I recommend Imply®”.  Mr. Phillip N. James, CEO at Desert Palace Hotel & Casino Resort

“Very good bowling. Super professional team. It was nice and fun to do business with Imply®. Thank you.” Mr. Sergej Swetlana Hörner, Black Mission Area, Germany

“We are completely satisfied with Imply® products. Imply® increases day by day the quality of products and the relationship between our companies. We are happy to continue working with Imply® in our future projects.” Mr. Jean-Pierre Guillard, Neoloisirs, Metropolis Franchising Network Owner and Imply® Distributor in France

“My experience with Imply ® lanes is very good. We are doing business with Imply® since 2004. Imply® does everything to make good business with the customers.” Mr. Wim Dorteen, Starplay BV, Imply® Distributor in Holland

“Bowling is one of the main attractions of our Resort. We always seek to innovate in our attractions, and the Bowling has always been a desire of our network and our public. Our guests are surprised.” Mr. Pedro Vieira, Marketing Manager of Taua Resorts

“The Bowling technologies are very easy to use. Imply® Bowling fits even small spaces and there is a wide range of designs.  Imply® Bowling products are affordable in terms of price, easy to use, with attractive design, and 100% guaranteed ROI.” Ms. Elena Polenovich, Denikom, Imply® Distributor in Russia

“Serious and dynamic company, we are pleased!”  Mr. Gildas Guillard, Neoloisirs, Imply® Distributor in France

“With Imply® Bowling, the game fits to the profile of each player, offering complete fun, regardless of age or ability. A bold design and a practical software complement the qualities! We have all the company’s support, clear deadlines, as well as a personalized and professional service.” Mr. Adriano Goberth, Amazon Bowling, Brazil

“Exceeded our expectations without a doubt!” Mrs. Mariana Goulart, Jaiminho Bowling, Portugal

“For Bowling we have selected Imply®. We are very happy with Imply® and I strongly recommend their products.” Mr. Joaquim De Munck, Legenturia, Belgium

“Imply® lanes were designed for both children and adults to play. I had already put the lanes in another house and it was a success! I had many more guests than any other establishment in the region. I love this smart bowling system. Imply® technicians did an incredible job, both in installation and training. What a great team! I can’t wait for the next installation.” Mr. Emmanuel Mohamed, owner of Orlando Holiday Homes

“We installed Imply® Bowling Alleys to innovate in entertainment for guests. Since the lanes opened, we have received praise and a lot of demand for this leisure. I highlight the very good service we received from Imply®, from the beginning of the negotiations until the post- sales. Helpful, professional and very objective team.” Ms. Ivana Brasão, Director of Portobello Resort & Safari



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