Official Bowling Lanes Green Bowling®

Take your bowling to the next level with our Official Bowling Lane Equipment.

A NEW BOWLING EXPERIENCE! ✨We developed the Green Bowling® with the latest technologies applied to the entertainment. All designed to create a new bowling experience. Green Bowling® combines various reasons to attract players, offering the most fun way of doing many strikes, and keep them coming back for more!

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Imply® has the right experience:

✔️We will plan, design, manufacture and install the best solution for your Bowling Lanes.

✔️We export to more than 125 countries.

✔️Custom & Turnkey Solutions.



Smartphone Interface*


If you really want to surprise your customers, take advantage of the latest technological innovations. Use this unique interface to allow players to connect their own smartphone to the game. Players can use their smartphones to access the options menu, view the score of the game, order from the menu and share their score on social networks.



Our unique RGB LED lighting system synced on pins, along the lanes and on the players terminal, creates a light show! The incredible colorful visual effects are interactive and animated according to each play, dazzling players and creating the WOW. The effects are independent for each lane, and generate a sensational result of lighting throughout the bowling surroundings. Besides, our lanes shine under black lights with our amazing Bright Bowling lighting effects! Guaranteed attrractive impact for happy hours and birthday parties. Give life to your bowling!



Your bowling has never been so attractive. The themes Boutique, Fiesta and Next include a variety of decorative panels with great visual appeal, developed to highlight the maximum brightness of colors with the Bright Bowling effect. With clean, modern and sophisticated design, the player’s area offers a clear view of the lanes and features the stylish Green Bowling® Furniture Line. Sofas are designed with built-in USB charging station to conveniently help guests charge their phones.

HD Displays


Engage customers with stunning 55″ HD LCD screens, displaying information about each shot in the most modern way. The screens are embedded inside the masking panel, so there’s no need to build any extra overhead structure for the installation.

Interactive Terminals


Body illuminated with light effects. 15″ LCD touch screen monitor, Qr code or Smartcard reader (optional). With an audacious slim design, its touch screen eliminates the use of the keyboard. Through simple touches on the screen, players access all lane control functions.


Prepared to connect to the payment system of your choice, can be operated by coins, tokens or smartcard. So, it does not require employees to open and close the lanes, optimizing your operational processes. Just insert a credit to start bowling! Optional Redemption System to reward players.

BowlingNet® User

The new Imply® automatic scoring system, is designed to provide an innovative experience with the best technologies, so that players can enjoy hours of fun without stopping, and keep coming back for more. Up to 12 players can have fun in the same game.


Players can choose their own avatars in the beginning of the game. Players will love the various options for avatars that react according to the score of the game, gutter, strike and other situations.


Offers to the players immediate access to the best food and drink offerings. Thus, it is very practical to select the quantity of each item and place orders directly from the lanes.


Allows players to create teams and calculate the score for the team.


With our unique multi-language system, the player can choose a language to command the lanes: English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French. Any foreign tourist will feel at home in your Imply® Bowling.


At the end of the game, the players with the best scores can record their names in the top 10 in the categories men, women and children.


Interact with other players by sending messages from one lane to another.

BowlingNet® Central

Offers maximum control over the operation, with customizable options for payments, game modes (Pro, OneShot or Fast), timeout for play, CRM tools, registration of menu offers, reservation platform , customized themes for events and special dates, and só much more.

BowlingNet® Manager


Here you can overview all the data on your bowling. Explore Business Intelligence reports intuitively, all in one place. It offers different management reports, income and occupation of lanes to help you better manage and grow your business. With our management system on the Internet, you have access to your bowling data any day of the week, 24 hours a day and wherever you are.

SuperMedia Digital Signage


Create your own TV channel to capture the attention and interact with everyone in your center in a much more attractive way and cost-effectively – with minimal effort on your part. The unique Imply® SuperMedia is a powerful tool to perform highly effective marketing campaigns for your center. Promote all your offers, daily specials, advertising, special events and other promotions to promote increases in sales. There is no better place to advertise yourr products than inside your bowling.

Ultra High Resistant Lanes, Bumpers System and Foul Line:


  • Imply® lanes are made of 100% solid phenolic laminates which have a high resistance. Our lanes keep looking like brand new for several years of continuous use (when following our recommendations of cleaning and care). Lanes according to the World Tenpin Bowling Association and USBC – United States Bowling Congress standards. Balls and Pins according to the internationally recognized official standards.
  • The Bumpers System allows children and new players to have a chance to get the ball to avoid the gutters, being much easier to play! Our reliable pneumatic system avoids any concern. The Bumpers can be activated individually by the player, or by the central.
  • Integrated foul detector: Helps keeping the match fair, at the most competitive games and championships. Features a sensor with infrared technology, allows an individual configuration for each player, providing greater security.
Imply® Pinsetter


Extremely agile, simple and reliable. It uses fewer parts and has lower operating costs compared with traditional pinspotters. Performs a quick replacement of the pins, so the players do not waste time between a shot and another. Managed by a computerized intelligent control.

More profitability in the same space


More profitability in the same space: Now we can install 11 lanes where previously it was possible to install only 10 lanes. The innovative Imply® Ball Return System is designed for, when the ball reaches the end of the lane, have it return quickly and securely through an underground rail located beneath the gutters. With this innovation, we reduced 14 1/4” or 36 cm wide by pair of lanes at the Ball Return System.



We know you expect nothing less than the best. So you can rely on our global expertise and high quality services to ensure high investment returns and make your business a success.

  • Factory Warranty;
  • Recognized with CE marking and UL Certification, following international quality standards;
  • Easy to operate, designed to require minimal maintenance and low operating costs;
  • To benefit our planet, we developed Green Bowling with sustainable and recyclable materials;
  • To further simplify the installation process, we developed adjustable bases that provide excellent stability and greater resistance to moisture, minimizing the movement of lanes over time, and ensuring stronger installations.
Imply® helps you to create your project


We will meet all your needs by providing the best solution to create your new Bowling venue, or upgrade your existing alleys. With our wide experience developing and operating other Family Entertainment Centers around the world, we will be your partners to maximize your results. Contact us today to start your project.

What our Customers have to Say?

“We had a very professional and timely contract. I recommend Imply®”.  Mr. Phillip N. James, CEO at Desert Palace Hotel & Casino Resort

“Very good bowling. Super professional team. It was nice and fun to do business with Imply®. Thank you.” Mr. Sergej Swetlana Hörner, Black Mission Area, Germany

“We are completely satisfied with Imply® products. Imply® increases day by day the quality of products and the relationship between our companies. We are happy to continue working with Imply® in our future projects.” Mr. Jean-Pierre Guillard, Neoloisirs, Metropolis Franchising Network Owner and Imply® Distributor in France

“My experience with Imply ® lanes is very good. We are doing business with Imply® since 2004. Imply® does everything to make good business with the customers.” Mr. Wim Dorteen, Starplay BV, Imply® Distributor in Holland

“Bowling is one of the main attractions of our Resort. We always seek to innovate in our attractions, and the Bowling has always been a desire of our network and our public. Our guests are surprised.” Mr. Pedro Vieira, Marketing Manager of Taua Resorts

“The Bowling technologies are very easy to use. Imply® Bowling fits even small spaces and there is a wide range of designs.  Imply® Bowling products are affordable in terms of price, easy to use, with attractive design, and 100% guaranteed ROI.” Ms. Elena Polenovich, Denikom, Imply® Distributor in Russia

“Serious and dynamic company, we are pleased!”  Mr. Gildas Guillard, Neoloisirs, Imply® Distributor in France

“With Imply® Bowling, the game fits to the profile of each player, offering complete fun, regardless of age or ability. A bold design and a practical software complement the qualities! We have all the company’s support, clear deadlines, as well as a personalized and professional service.” Mr. Adriano Goberth, Amazon Bowling, Brazil

“Exceeded our expectations without a doubt!” Mrs. Mariana Goulart, Jaiminho Bowling, Portugal

“For Bowling we have selected Imply®. We are very happy with Imply® and I strongly recommend their products.” Mr. Joaquim De Munck, Legenturia, Belgium

“Imply® lanes were designed for both children and adults to play. I had already put the lanes in another house and it was a success! I had many more guests than any other establishment in the region. I love this smart bowling system. Imply® technicians did an incredible job, both in installation and training. What a great team! I can’t wait for the next installation.” Mr. Emmanuel Mohamed, owner of Orlando Holiday Homes

“We installed Imply® Bowling Alleys to innovate in entertainment for guests. Since the lanes opened, we have received praise and a lot of demand for this leisure. I highlight the very good service we received from Imply®, from the beginning of the negotiations until the post- sales. Helpful, professional and very objective team.” Ms. Ivana Brasão, Director of Portobello Resort & Safari


Bowling Café: 17,81m | 58′ 5 1/4″

Bowling Oficial: 29,50 m | 96′ 9 1/2″

1 lane: 1,85m | 6′ 7/8″
2 lanes: 3,14m | 10′ 3 5/8″
3 lanes: 4,96m | 16′ 3 ¼”
4 lanes: 6,25m | 20′ 6 1/16″
5 lanes: 8,08m | 26′ 6 1/8″
6 lanes: 9,36m | 30′ 8 1/2″
8 lanes: 12,47m | 40′ 11″
10 lanes: 15,58m | 51′ 1 3/8”




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