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Thinking about investing in bowling? You've come to the right place.

Imply® has solid experience and know-how in the development and operation of Bowling Lanes and Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) with worldwide success. Through various clients and own operations, Imply® adopts a strategic vision to detect new market opportunities. We offer everything you need to make a profitable investment and we are your partners to maximize your results.

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Why invest in Bowling?

Successful business:

Bowling is a solid investment. The operation remains valuable for the long term with quick and high returns of investment. It’s an ideal business for successful entrepreneurs. In addition, there may be some available credit options that facilitate and encourage entrepreneurs to invest in this highly profitable business. With a simple marketing study, you can locate the best locations in your area to promote entertainment. Locations where your bowling enterprise will achieve best results.

Healthy Activity:

Bowling is a physical activity that burns calories, promotes weight loss, and works several muscle groups, tendons, joints and ligaments. Besides the physical benefits, bowling promotes fun, well-being, joy, friendship, team spirit, relaxation and reduces stress. Easy to learn, is a highly social activity, enjoyed by people of all physical abilities and skill levels. It’s a pleasure for all ages, young and old, everyone can have fun with bowling.

Proven attraction worldwide:

Everyone loves bowling! Bowling is one of the most commercially successful forms of recreational entertainment. Fun for all ages. Bowling will become the main attraction at your business. Improving your profitability, traffic flow and possible food and beverage sales (if applicable).

Family Entertainment Centers (FECs):

The continuous growth of bowling results from a sum of factors. The most influential the growth of family entertainment centers (FECs), a unique entertainment destination with a wide range of attractions for the whole family.

Family Entertainment Centersare excellent places to spend time with family and friends in an attractive, safe and modern environment. FECs often offer one or many different type of entertainment options within a location which some may also offer food and beverage offerings along with areas to socialize. Many of these FECs include bowling alleys and operate up to 365 days a year. FECs vary in venue size, attractions, amenities, and the markets they cater, but the idea is the same. To bring people together, socialize, and have a good time.

The combination of different attractions has been an effected way FECs try to extend the period of time customers stay in their venues, providing higher consumption, and thus maximizes their results. Bowling is ideal to be combined with any other entertainment option that will increase your revenue, such as existing Bars, Restaurants, Lounge Areas, Pool Halls, and video game arcade centers. Its an attraction that provides stable revenue levels, constant cash flow throughout the year, and high returns on investment. With Imply® we can assist with many entertainment solutions for your appropriate venue. Products such Imply® Official Lanes, Imply® Bowling Cafe, Imply® Games, Minibowling by Imply®, are just some of the offerings we can assist you with in finding the best solution that will yield the best results for your project or venue. So consider becoming the next FEC, and increase the attractiveness of your location while also expanding market reach even further.

Enterprise GuideExtra profitability with marketing actions:

For extra revenue opportunities consider using your venue to reserve events and special occasions such as birthdays, happy hours and Holiday Parties. With Bowling lanes you can reserve your lanes in advance to ensure your venue constantly stays busy. The bowling provides guaranteed impact for these types of events for large groups, companies and local organizations. Consider hosting tournaments, promotional nights, holiday events and much more to increase your revenue stream. We recommend having a “Glow Bowling Night” which can be offered at night, or specifics nights every week. Our bowling products are glow in the dark in black and would create a visibly stunning ambiance in your venue if you add black lighting to your venue. Through our extensive accumulated experience with the development and operation of Family entertainment centers worldwide, we are your partners to maximize your results, suggesting proven effective marketing tools to promote your business and communicate your offer to potential clients.

Why Imply®?

Enterprise Guide– No matter the size of your space, Imply® has a Bowling solution for your business!

– With the support of Imply® Team, you have full assistance in planning your business. Our experts offer support in all stages of design and construction of your entertainment venue, from site selection and market analysis, even with the choice of building, interior design, marketing planning, strategic vision.

– Constant research and development of innovations: R&D specialists developing new technologies and consultants considering the future of the business against performance of your investments.

– Guidance in marketing: strategic solutions that increase the flow of customers and add value to your business.

– Imply® has the best bowling equipment in the market, putting the latest technological innovations at your disposal. We have the complete solution to help you build your entertainment center with the very best: management system to improve efficiency and profitability, modern and intelligent bowling alleys, high quality furniture to make your location more comfortable to players, electronic games, and accessories.

– Imply® products are designed and developed to ensure unparalleled performance, easy installation, minimal maintenance and low operating costs. Moreover, maintenance is facilitated by the use of standard technologies such as TCP/IP, Ethernet networks, modularity and remote upgrade of software via the Internet.

– Technical support with the experience of qualified professionals to meet all your needs from installation and after-sales services.

– Imply® equipment are recognized with CE certification, following international quality standards.

– Imply® is known worldwide for its quality products, and has an international network of distributors in over 25 countries.

Choose Imply® for your Bowling Center, and rely on our global expertise to ensure high returns on investment and make your business a success.

Are you ready to start?

So what you need to do to turn your business dream into reality? The following tips will help you lay the groundwork for success:

Enterprise GuideMarket Research:

Knowing your market is essential to succeed. The market research helps to understand the competition, diagnose needs and demands for your new business. Many start-up businesses fail because they do not perform any basic market research before they begin.

Enterprise GuideBusiness Plan:

Write a Business Plan for detailing your goals and strategies to meet the needs of the market you want to reach. It is more profitable to create a single entertainment destination combining various attractions, to increase the market reach even further.

Enterprise GuideBuilding and location:

The choice of a suitable location is a detail that makes all the difference. And with Imply®, you can rely upon professionals with international experience who can assist you both in choosing the ideal spot, as well as identifying the most appropriate venue for your project. For venues, here are several items we think you should consider:

  • Visibility, easy access and high traffic of people;
  • Proximity to areas of dining, entertainment and residential areas;
  • Availability of parking for customers;
  • Ability to carry out future expansions;
  • Availability of electricity;
  • Security;
  • Proximity of suppliers and services;
  • Proximity of competitors;
  • Space Dimmensions: When working with Imply® some of our products do require a minimum amount physical space. Our Bowling lanes for example may require between 753 to 1080 sq. ft. of space to install. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about specific space requirements for any of our products.


Alongside the modern equipment and efficient service, planning the layout is essential within the earlier stages of your project to ensure your venue will provide the most effective use of space to be enjoyed by your customers and keep coming back often!
There are many important details to be observed to achieve the best results in your entertainment center, including:

  • Columns: The existence of columns between bowling lanes or in the players area is inadvisable.
  • Accessibility: The ease of access to customers is another important item. The project needs to provide access for people with special needs.
  • Parking: Around 5 parking spaces per lane and easy access from the parking to the bowling center will encourage customers, providing more convenience and safety.
  • Customer Flow: Scale the space available to encourage social interaction, ensuring that there are no areas with little use or places with excessive traffic. Around the bowling lanes, it is suggested to keep away other activities that may distract people. The spaces for the bars, restaurants, arcades, recreation activities for children, office, supply inventories, need to be properly designed and positioned.
  • Floor: Creating floor guidelines for the traffic flow helps directing the public to the principal revenue generating areas: Bowling Alleys and Bar/Restaurant.
  • Scale the amount of restrooms available to the public that you plan to receive.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning are very important for providing more comfort to customers and proper operation of equipment.
  • Acoustics: Especially in residential areas, the acoustic insulation is essential to not bother neighbors, thus avoiding damaged image within the community for your business.
  • Lighting: Avoid using excessive or inadequate lighting. We recommend, adding black lights, dancing colored lights, strobe lights, smoke effects, and maybe lasers.
  • Decoration: The visual impact provided by a careful internal and external decoration, is highly contagious so that your customers remain comfortable for longer. To captivate customers, the Bowling needs to provide differentials able to surprise. So it is important to pay special attention in relation to the decor of the environment. Optionally, you can choose themed décor along with the concept of your business, which provides impact and excitement, to increase the fun factor,
    creating an unforgettable experience.
  • VIP Area: New entertainment centers are creating VIP areas with bowling lanes for groups and private celebrations.
  • The exterior of your business is the best advertisement. Invest in external lighting, high visibility plates with your visual identity, electronic displays, and the Imply® Giant Pin to attract
    the attention from large distances.
Imply® helps you to create your project

With the floor plan of the building in autocad, Imply® can assist you in creating a custom design especially for your center. We suggest to position the lanes in your space, and our staff can assist you in planning the architectural design. Our professionals will assist you with useful guidelines for the design and construction of your space. Our goal is to ensure that you and your guests have a wonderful experience. We are ready to help you.

Enterprise Guide

Enterprise Guide

Suggested Timeline:

Manage your time carefully is very important especially when you are opening a new venue. So to set some clear goals and deadlines to implement for your plan and try to stick to them, ensures that you reach your target goal. (This is suggested timeline for a brand new venue, we can work with you to define a timeline for your existing venue or business.)

12 months:

  • Perform market research;
  • Formulate a business plan;
  • Investment structure and funding sources;
  • Set number of lanes and mix of attractions;
  • Concept, layout and design;
  • Choice of location.

10 months:

  • Start the construction of the interior and exterior of the Entertainment Center.
  • Send the order for production of Imply® Bowling Lanes and Imply® Games.
  • Select furniture suppliers, restaurant equipment and other provisions.
  • Define the concept and the menu for the bar / restaurant.
  • Start the project management and operation, definition of the team, and marketing planning.

6 months:

  • Preparation of the interior for the building and the installation of Imply® Bowling Lanes.

5 months:

  • Definition of the name and logo of the Entertainment Center.

3 months:

  • Define the opening date, and prepare the marketing project.
  • Start planning the grand opening, marketing actions and promotion strategies.

2 months:

  • Complete construction of the interior of the building and preparation for installation of the lanes. Recruitment and selection of staff and required bowling technician.
  • Start the marketing project.

1 month:

  • Hiring and training employees to create unique experiences for the customers;
  • Installation of iBowling Imply® Lanes and Imply® Games;
  • Training of the technician by the Imply® Team;
  • Installation of furniture;
  • Completion of finishing and decoration of the bowling;
  • Start advertising and promoting your product offerings.

2 weeks: 

  • End of construction, completion of design details and operation;
  • Overview of all equipment, test and operation of the Imply® Bowling;
  • In the period preceding the opening, the Imply® professionals can provide you with many useful guidelines, available from our worldwide experience assisting Family Entertainment Centers.

Opening Day:

  • Have a successful grand opening!


Success Case

“We had a very professional contract, completed in a timely manner. I would recommend the company to a potential customer if I had the opportunity”.  Mr. Phillip N. James, CEO at Desert Palace Hotel & Casino Resort

“Very good bowling. Super professional team. It was nice and fun to do business with Imply®. Black Mission Area says thank you.” Mr. Sergej Swetlana Hörner, Black Mission Area, Germany

“We are completely satisfied with IMPLY® products. IMPLY® knows how to listen and helps its partners increasing day by day the quality of products and the relationship between our companies. We are happy to continue working with IMPLY® in our future projects.” Mr. Jean-Pierre Guillard, Neoloisirs, Metropolis Franchising Network Owner and Imply® Distributor in France

“My experience with the IMPLY ® lanes is very good. We are doing business with IMPLY® since 2004, and we have a very good experience. IMPLY® does everything to make good business with the customers.” Mr. Wim Dorteen, Starplay BV, Imply® Distributor in Holland

“The bowling is one of the main attractions of Taua Resort Caete. We always seek to innovate in our leisure attractions, and the bowling has always been a desire of Taua Network and our public. Our guests are surprised with the structure and comfort of the place.” Mr. Pedro Vieira, Marketing Manager of Taua Network

“The bowling technologies are very easy to use. IMPLY® Bowling fits small spaces, therefore, there’re more places with great profitable potential. IMPLY® Bowling is great for players, as there is no need of wearing special shoes, and there is a wonderful possibility to pay for the game right at the lane control. Also there is a wide range of interesting designs.  Another convenient and pleasant feature is the remote technical support by online specialists.  As a result, IMPLY® Bowling products are affordable in terms of price, easy to use, with attractive design, and 100% guaranteed ROI.” Ms. Elena Polenovich, Denikom, IMPLY® Distributor in Russia

“People working at IMPLY® are really great, always willing to help and improve. What definetally stands out is IMPLY®’s potential and willingness to keep getting better. Everybody at IMPLY® is willing to talk about improvements. They always listen however demanding I am. For me, as a Distributor, that is extremely important.” Mr. Eddy Fransson, Nordic Amusement Group AB, IMPLY® Distributor in Nordic Countries

“Serious and dynamic company, we are pleased to be the distributor France!”  Mr. Gildas Guillard, Neoloisirs, Imply® Distributor in France

“With IMPLY® Bowling, the game fits to the profile of each player, offering complete fun, regardless of age or ability. A bold design and a practical software complement the qualities! We have all the company’s support, clear deadlines, as well as a personalized and professional service.” Mr. Adriano Goberth, Amazon Bowling, Brazil

“Exceeded our expectations without a doubt!” Mrs. Mariana Goulart, Jaiminho Bowling, Portugal

“For Bowling we have selected IMPLY®. We are very happy with IMPLY® and I can strongly recommend their products.” Mr. Joaquim De Munck, Legenturia, Belgium



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